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Party Theme- Mermaids!

Halloween is so close and I’ve got the decorating itch!

While I’m not a huge fan of the ocean with it’s deep dark crevices with predators that are millions of years old and bred for survival….I have a few friends that will enjoy today’s theme: MERMAIDS!

This skull has been making the rounds on my Tumblr ever since I uploaded it.  I’m happy that its popular but it’s all I see in my feed these days! 

This would make a fabulous centerpiece or side decoration.  Grab a plastic skull (or a real one if you have one handy) and glue beads of pearls, diamonds, or just about anything you want to it.  Pearls are classy and luxurious.  Fill at least one eye socket to give the illusion of weight from the pearls dropping to the bottom of the ocean.  Add your guests names on a piece of paper and slip in underneath as a name holder, or you can give them out as after party souvenirs! 

Fill a wooden chest with pearls for class or other costume jewelry and then adorn the outside with sea shells and starfish.  It’s a fairly cheap decoration if you go to the thrift store.  You can also fill it with food if you don’t have a lot of space and want to double décor as storage.

When I worked at a thrift store I would see nautical plates come through our doors all the time and they didn’t stay long.  Sea shell plates will lend a hand to your theme while still looking elegant.

These silver streamers over a blue cloth will help with the atmosphere of your party.  You can buy a bright blue table cloth or find some giant bright blue paper at an office supply or craft store and line the walls with them.  Place silver streamers on top of the paper to get this effect.  Silver will add a shimmer to your room if you’re looking to brighten things up or you can add varying shades of blue and blue green to achieve a darker and deeper look.

These DIY trash bag seaweed pieces will add texture and realism if that’s what you’re looking for.  Hang them from the ceiling or on the walls with your blue paper!

Jellyfish travel in groups so if you go for this DIY jellyfish it would look best if you did a lot of them at once.  A jellyfish corner for kids or above your snack table are just some ideas.

If you make this big fella I think that he should be the star of the room!  Put him in the center so he can be a focal point for you and your guests.  Maybe you can put a group of jellyfish around him!

Speaking of octopus, this tasty simply octopus hot dog takes just a few seconds to prepare.  It’s a popular snack in Japan and both kids and adults love it! 

This table setting is gorgeous.  It’s very Little Mermaid inspired.  If you don’t have tarnished silver on hand you can go to an antique store, thrift store, or garage sale to find some.  The candelabra is a great silverware holder and you can hang pearls off them to tie in the other elements of your table setting!

Sea star, seashell, and mermaid tail cookies seem fitting for this party don’t you think?

A crisp looking blue drink labeled “Ocean Water” might be the main source of nutrition for mermaids, but is also appropriate for your theme.  Now all of your guests can drink like mermaids too!

I hope you enjoyed today’s theme.  Mermaids aren’t my favorite thing in the world but decorating to be a part of their world was a lot of fun.

Stop by to see what the next theme is and countdown to Halloween with me!


Party Theme- Zombies!

I recently started watching Z Nation and it’s surprisingly good despite its Sy-Fy Network origins!  It also got me started on ideas for this party theme:  ZOMBIES!

I love zombie movies.  My favorite one has yet to be determined because I like a lot of genres.  World War Z, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Cockneys vs Zombies, and Shaun of the Dead are just a few that I’ve watched more than once.

Last year I threw a zombie birthday party and it was a huge success.  I selected a few ideas for this blog that I personally used and some that are brand new to me.

In the featured photo above you’ll see cardboard planks taped over windows with silhouette zombie hands poking through.  If you’d like to know how to re-create this look then take a look at this DIY link.  It’s a playful way to give your safe room, er, party a locked in atmosphere.

In addition to boarded up windows you should probably have rations available.  You can go a few routes with your food ideas like gross edibles including finger foods (literally shaped like fingers), eye ball soup made from hard boiled eggs, a fake corpse with BBQ ribs inside and a sign that says “John’s Rack O’ Ribs”


Source: (link)

You could also play with food ideas from the perspective of a survivor of the apocalypse by creating a rations table with supplies like MRE’s (real or fake).  Include water bottles and first aid kits with snacks and party gifts in them.

HMS_ZombieParty_0305.jpgSource: (link)

These blood clot cupcakes are adorable.  I made these sans cherry in the middle because I didn’t have the time and I also don’t care much for the taste of cherries.


Source: (link)

These are simple to make and you can deck them out with realistic or wild colors.  I made neon green cupcakes with pink frosting!


The brain cupcakes may have attracted more zombies than I expected…


I also made chocolate cupcakes and covered them in chocolate frosting with finely crushed Oreo cookies on top to make it look like dirt.


Add these nifty themed cupcake picks and zombies will be reaching from the grave for a bite!


Source: (link)

If you’d like to get your guests shambling a little bit then these shots will get the job done.  Bloody brain shots are gross to look at but are fun and interactive with the theme.


Source: (link)

If you want to pick a franchise to base your party around Resident Evil is a good one.  Here are some shots that anyone who has seen the films will recognize.


Sources: (green link) & (blue link)

I like adding variety of the non-alcoholic kind to my parties.  Add a glow stick to your cooler, preferably clear or where the bottom is easily visible.  Red will give it an ominous effect, Green for a sickly effect, and blue for a cold laboratory feel!  This is a cheap and easy way to add lighting and mood to your party.


Source: (link)

I added bloody gift bags like this to my party and filled them with dollar store finds like stretchy goo zombies, candy, stickers, and they all had glow in the dark accessories.  You can find white paper bags at any party or grocery store.


I was fortunate enough to have my party in a location that pretty much looked like a zombie shelter.  Brick walls, locked industrial metal door, bare minimum windows, and it also happened to have a large kitchen in it!  To make your party location seem more secure you can post signs up that show where the safe room is and use chains, fences, and other items to beef up your décor.


Don’t forget to dress up.  My guests had a lot of fun picking out their costumes and whether they would be apocalypse survivors or one of the infected.  My fiancee and I decided to be a duo of infected doctors.


One of the group activities we got to do was practice shooting photo targets of zombies around the room with Nerf guns.  We even had a massive sniper Nerf gun which was fun to pass around and play with.  Civilian casualties were inevitable. 😉

My party was a lot of fun and I wish you the best of luck with yours too.  I hope you stop by to see what the next theme is!

Party Theme- Witches!

Hello October!

Welcome to the wonderful head space in which I entrap myself throughout the year, but only get to experience with other people for a few short months.

I thought it might be fun to showcase different themed party ideas this month to celebrate my favorite holiday.

The theme today is:  WITCHCRAFT

My party is going to be witch themed this year and I wanted to share some of the cool ideas I found online.  Remember to play around with themes based on the guests that are attending your party.

Bring fun to your entry way or porch by adding hanging witch hats from your ceiling and complete the look with some antique looking broomsticks and a cauldron.


Source: (here)

These floating candles inspired by “Harry Potter” are so cool that I couldn’t help but post a tutorial for them.  How would you feel walking into a party only to look up and see these?  I don’t recommend doing this in a large room unless you have the time and energy to make a lot of them, but if you want to spice up a small dining room or bathroom this would work well.  Get some star themed fabric to tape along the ceiling to give it more depth.


Source: (here)

Don’t want to spring for the tall fancy LED candles that run about $5-12 a pop, but still want the look?  Just grab LED tea lights instead then use a hot glue gun and stick them in empty toilet paper rolls.  Don’t forget to spray paint it black!  Check the source link for a tutorial.


Source: (here)

Want to give out some creative gifts while still providing a bit of free entertainment?  Have your guests make their own witching wands!  It’s easy peasy with this DIY tutorial by Majann on Deviantart.  It involves chopsticks and a hot glue gun!


Source: (here)

Another great crafting project for you or your guests of all ages is to make their own spell books!  It involves mod-podge, paint, and patience but the results are well worth it.


Source: (here)

Crafter Dave Lowe has an incredible tutorial for a slightly more time consuming but amazing DIY craft for making your own spell books.  He even did it for his own sketchbook.


Source: (here)

Dave Lowe also made a tutorial for a bat in a cage.  Witches have been known to have familiars from bats to cats and every animal in between.  This would be a fun spooky way to set up your environment.  You don’t even have to do this exact tutorial. Just go out and find an antique bird cage of some kind.  My local thrift store sells them from time to time and if I’m lucky, I’ll find a cast iron one with swirls on top someday.  A creepy girl can dream can’t she?


Source: (here)

This decoration is a little bit more complicated and requires some machinery.  If you have the know-how (or ambition) this decor would be a fun way to celebrate the magic your guests are craving.


Source: (here)

I made this drink for Halloween two years ago.  I personally found this recipe to be really bland so I improvised on the recipe and everyone loved it!  You can make any green drink concoction and it will be a great visual for your party.


Source: (here)

A quick and easy addition to your decorating repertoire is these DIY potion bottles made from recycled medicine bottles.


Source: (here)

Unfortunately this set is sold out at Pottery Barn. I have seen it run through ebay every now and again (for $80!- yikes.) but you could easily find small plastic cauldrons online and it will give a similar effect.


Source: (here)

If you’re a drinker, a cute way to help your friends get in the ‘spirit’ is to add tiny witch hats to your wine bottles! I think they’re adorable anyway~


Source: (here)

Crate and Barrel has this large serving bowl designed like a cauldron.  It would be great for pretty much anything.  Candy, popcorn, soup and cider.  If you don’t have storage space for it then maybe the smaller individual bowls might be better for you.


Source: (here)

There are so many things that you could do with a witch theme.

You can make it kitschy and playful like most of the things that I’ve posted in this blog today, or you could be more traditional and earthy by adding hanging herbs, natural candlelight, altars, crystals and tarot cards.  You could also go the black magic route by adding gothic decor, dark drapery, bugs, and bats.

I’d love to see pictures from Halloween parties you’ve hosted.  Send them to my e-mail: or Facebook and I’ll post them up on my Facebook page!

Spooky Slumber Party

I’m a sucker for sleeping in and I love to lounge around in my pajamas.  There’s no better feeling than waking up with the windows open on a cool autumn morning, then grabbing the closest pair of fleece pajama bottoms.

I have so many shirts and pants in my collection that I’ve taken to making my own pajama sets with them, so my friends came over to help me showcase some of my favorites!

In particular I have a lot of pumpkin themed clothes.  These Jack O’ Lantern pajamas are just bright and cheery enough for the Holidays.


Below my friend Maia is wearing a Jack O’ Lantern tank top which is available from Target in their Halloween collection this year.  The shirt brand is Fifth Sun and is hit or miss for me because some of their clothes are cheaply made thin graphic tees, and others are really well made sweaters.


The shirt has a cute retro Jack O’ Lantern face that reminds me of an old postcard, and makes a perfect match for my pajama bottoms which are available from Walmart in their Halloween collection this year.


My friend Jessica (below) is sporting a cute Halloween list T-shirt from Kohl’s Halloween collection this year.  She is wearing a strappy bralette underneath the shirt so don’t be fooled by the string details.  This is just a regular V-neck T-shirt!


I found the fleece pajama pants at a thrift store a year ago and they are a good match for the Halloween top.  It’s a comfortable pairing with a loose fit.


My friend Amber (below) is sporting two of my favorite thrift store finds.  The shirt was sold at Target last year during Halloween and is also by the brand Fifth Sun.


The pants are by Joe Boxer and are one of my favorite pairs of pajama pants.  I found these both on the same thrift store trip!  The ghost blanket in the background is from the Halloween collection last year at Target.


We all had a lot of fun with the photo shoot and got to eat some yummy snacks!  Too bad Maia (left) hates popcorn, but she’s a trooper and posed with it anyway.


Jessica (below) is wearing a purple rib cage T-shirt that I found at a thrift store last year.  Unfortunately there isn’t a brand name on any of the tags to identify where to buy it at…


The fleece pants are from the Halloween collection this year at Walmart!  Although I personally hate candy corn these were too cute to pass up.


I love this witch shirt that Maia (below) is wearing.  It’s another thrift store find but it originally had these tacky long sleeves that looked like faux tattoos, and I absolutely hated it for several reasons so I cut them off and now the shirt looks great!


The fleece pants she’s wearing were sold at Walmart several years ago and I haven’t seen them since.  They are well loved like all of my other Halloween pajama pants.


If you want to wear something less in your face with the Halloween theme (though I’m not sure why you’d want to) then these pattered pajama bottoms that Amber is wearing below should do the trick!

IMG_4819 (1).jpg

Made with a unique pattern that features black cats and witch hats, it’s a witch lovers dream.

Go to my facebook page and post some of your favorite pajamas or you can let me know which ones you liked the most from this post!

Stay spooky my friends!


Sweater Weather

I enjoy the fall and winter.  I get to wear black with abandon, cuddle under fluffy blankets, and snowstorms are a great excuse to stay indoors.

I also hate the cold and I would rather have someone drop me off at the front of a building than walk 10 feet across the parking lot when it’s cold outside.  But we all have to make due with what we have and despite having terrible Northern winters I also have a love for sweaters, so it kind of works itself out in a way.

I will probably make more than one sweater weather post because there are so many outfits and so little time to photograph them all.  For now I’ll just show you a few of my favorites!

I’ve been in love with this Drop Dead Death Bed jacket for several years but I didn’t actually know about it until it was already well sold out.  Eventually I found it on a website called Poshmark but it was in petite sizing.  I ordered it without knowing if it would fit and unfortunately it didn’t.  So I gave it to my good friend Maia and it fits her perfectly!


The back of the jacket features a coffin with a crescent moon, fangs, and the lowercase letters ‘dd’ which stand for the company’s brand Drop Dead.  The opaque sleeves don’t make this jacket terribly warm but it is damn beautiful.


I ordered this gray and black bat dress from Sourpuss Clothing after I fell in love with online. I’m fairly short at my 5’1″ stature and large busted, so I ordered this dress in a large.  It comes down to my knees and fits well despite it’s stretchy fabric.  If you wear it too many times in a row without a wash then it might end up looking saggy.

Bat Sweater (2-2)

The material of this sweater is very thin and baggy so I usually only wear it at the beginning of Autumn.  I found it at a thrift store 3 years ago in a size small and this is probably why it ended up looking like a crop top on me.  I found another one in a larger size and gave the smaller one to my friend Maia.  I can confidently say that it looks a hundred times better on her.


I chose bat accessories instead of skull accessories because it didn’t seem to mesh well.  The black contrast at the neck helped to keep things cohesive.


The sweater has faint stripes in varying opacity that lie horizontally across it with knit skull patches on the elbows.  The brand of this sweater is Mono B but I have yet to find this brand in any shops.  I did find it and similar sweaters on Poshmark here.  There is actually an episode of NCIS where tech lab goth girl Abby is wearing this sweater.  Check it out at S10 Ep23!


There’s something really attractive about spider webs.  They way they glisten in the sun and how you walk into them as they engulf your face like invisible nets….wait.

Well regardless of the pleasure or pain I derive from spider webs, I can’t deny that they are beautiful.  Spiders, not so much.  They’re just plain creepy.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate their place on our planet but I’m certainly happy that I live in a state where they are pretty much non-existent 6 months out of the year.


I’ve come across some unique web themed accessories in my search for Halloween items over the years.  For instance, I found this set of gorgeous sterling silver web poison rings at the thrift store I worked at last year.

I found the spider web shirt on sale at Walmart during their end of season Halloween sale for $1.00 each!  Of course I bought two.


This gold bat shirt below was also bought at Walmart for $1.00, so naturally I bought a few of them. The matching moon belt is by Yves Saint Laurent, which I found at my local thrift store.  It is my favorite belt!


The bats on this shirt are just as cool as the pattern is obnoxious, so I paired it with a long asymmetrical vest and a cinched belt around my waist.  This way it cuts off a lot of the pattern to make it less overpowering and more like an accent.  I also paired it with some bat accessories like earrings and a necklace!


As it gets colder you’ll need something warmer.  I got this fleece bat sweater last year while I was working at Spirit Halloween.  For those of you outside of the USA, it is a pop up seasonal store only open during the Halloween season.  You’ll have to look for it in costume bags on the floor since it isn’t hanging in plain sight.  If you don’t have a Spirit Halloween store near you then I suggest purchasing it online in their store here.  I do know of other sites that sell this hoodie but most of them are perpetually sold out.

Even though it’s a technically a hoodie, it fits like a dress and is very comfortable.  However it’s made out of fleece so keep in mind that it doesn’t breathe well.

Black Bat (4-4)

The scarf I’m wearing is from Hottopic and is designed with occult symbols from the tv series Supernatural.

Black Bat (20)

I’m excited to show you more in my next sweater weather post!

In the meantime, I’d love to see what kinds of spooky inspired fall outfits you guys can come up with!

Party City-2016

I used to hate Party City.  As a kid going out shopping for Halloween costumes with my family it was just another large party shop selling cheap costumes that were overpriced and my mom refused to buy us anything there.  Not that anything there was worth having mind you, but we still went so we could get ideas that my mom would eventually use to make us our costumes herself.  Flashback to the 1990’s wearing my pink power ranger costume made from a matching pink sweatshirt and sweatpants with felt.

Growing into teen years my least favorite part about the store was that they didn’t even let you try on any of the costumes in the store.  In place of costume bags hanging on display they had a giant wall full of pictures of the costumes they had in back.  You picked one that you liked and the sales clerk would get it for you.  Damned if it didn’t fit because you couldn’t return it once it was opened.

Things are gradually improving and they actually let you try on the costumes now.  To my surprise some of their costumes are pretty cool too. Though the bitter teenage me is screaming on the inside I actually like going shopping there for Halloween costumes and accessories now.  Halloween wasn’t as big of a consumer holiday when I was a kid as it is now so back then Party City didn’t carry very much beyond a lot of orange and black paper plates and some cut out decorations.  Over time they started to get tombstones and other random decorations but there wasn’t much.

Since Halloween parties have gotten bigger and more elaborate, so too has the demand for better quality merchandise.  The competition in retail gets bigger every year and a few years ago they must have realized they either need to go all in or take a step back from Halloween altogether.

Here are some of my favorite costumes and accessories from Party City this year.

Let’s start with the accessories!

This Gothic shrug is made from satin, tulle, and lace.  I have seen shrugs from other stores that aren’t nearly as well executed and for only $17.00 I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this piece with my other Gothic attire.

Buy this shrug here!

It is also available in black and white stripes for those of you looking to add a statement piece to you wardrobe or to connect with your inner Beetlejuice.

Buy this shrug here!

This fun bustle skirt adds dimension and can even be worn with the shrugs seen above!

Buy this bustle skirt here!

This Victorian style jacket is made from satin and lace it’s not a bad buy for only $30.00!

Buy this jacket here!

These black and white striped shoes are eye catchers.  The skulls nestled into the flowers on the toes add a creepy dimension that I think would be fitting for an every day Gothic style.  They’d also pair nicely with that black and white striped shrug seen above.

Buy these shoes here!

This Lizzie Borden costume takes the cake for being my favorite costume from Party City this year.  It looks well made (as well as costumes can be) and seems to be well fitted.  I would definitely try this on before I buy it but it looks great overall.  Though I could do without the crummy styrofoam hat…

Buy this costume here!

That’s all for now creepy peeps!  I will be posting soon about more Halloween stores I haunt around this time of year.


Featured Fashion & Decor- Curiology

I’ve been following a well known Gothic jewelry company called Curiology for some time and I finally reached out to one of the owners about writing an article to feature their work.

Their Facebook page is so fun and interactive (here) and they do giveaways once a month.  Although I have yet to win I still get to share the link to a shop I love and possibly win something along the way, Win/Win!

The UK based shop consists of a husband and wife team Elspeth and Liam Johnson, who have been running their small business since 2010.  They even sell their items wholesale for those of you that are interested.

First let’s start off with this cemetery statement piece.  The silhouette stands out and is bowed nicely to frame beneath your neck.

Buy this cemetery necklace here!

If you want earrings to match the cemetery necklace seen above, then these coffin earrings should do.

Buy these coffin earrings here!

We’re on a cemetery roll so let’s keep it going.
One of the things I love about this shop is their ability to experiment and succeed with different styles.  Take this 3 layered necklace for example.  It’s made from different materials in a combination of wood and acrylic to create a layered graveyard landscape.

Buy this layered necklace here!

If you like the layered look then this next necklace has 4 layers of acrylic to create a vampire hunters diorama.

Buy this diorama necklace here!

If you like the design but don’t want it as a necklace they also have it available as a large hanging wall piece.  Great for vampire hunters and Gothic home decor lovers.

Buy this wall art here!

This dearly departed 4 layered necklace is made out of black, clear, and mirror acrylic with paper bat details.

You can buy this necklace here!

It is also available as hanging wall art if you want to have it on a larger scale.

Buy this wall art here!

Cameo necklaces have a special place in most dark hearts.  Add in some classic monsters and you can’t go wrong.  This set of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein dangle earrings are worth having if cameos and monsters are your thing.

Buy these earrings here!

These are by far my favorite necklaces at Curiology.  They are both available in plain black, iridescent, and glitter.

Buy these planchettes here!

I have been coveting this Witching Hour clock planchette for months! Unfortunately it will still be a while before I can order it but it is just too gorgeous to pass up if you’re looking to keep otherworldly time.  The matching Dead Pretty mirror planchette would hang nicely over a vanity to help any coffin cutie get ready in the morning and face the living.

Buy these planchettes here!

This layered witches work room is available as a necklace and will soon have a secondary color option with green over black.

Buy this necklace here!

You can also purchase it as hanging wall art with purple over black.  It looks great in front of a window and reminds me of stained glass!

Buy this window art here!

Curiology will be premiering their 2016 Halloween collection tomorrow so keep and eye out for updates by following them on their social media.  I’m excited to see what comes out next!


Instagram: @_curiology_



Featured Fashion- Listen Flavor

LISTEN FLAVOR is an apparel brand based in Tokyo, Harajuku, JAPAN and have been operating since 2004.

Their website is available in Japanese here! But for those of you that can’t read Japanese you can always purchase Listen Flavor items in English on these pages here or here!

If you’re into creepy cute or pastel goth fashions then this brand might be right up your ally.

Like many fashion companies in Japan, Listen Flavor prides themselves on their limited designs.  Once the designs are gone you can’t get them anymore or they are very hard to find.  They rely on repeat customers coming back to see what new stuff they have for the next season.  Here are just some of my favorites from their 2016 Halloween collection!

This Rest in Peace sweater is adorably over sized and comes in many different colors such as the red shown below and baby pink, vanilla, and all black.  I know what some of you are thinking and yes, the tulle you see at the bottom is attached!

Buy this coffin dress here!

“When the sky gets dark the cursed black kitten comes to play with you!”  The quote on this sweater is kind of cute.  I certainly wouldn’t mind a cursed black kitten taking an interest in me.

Buy this sweater here!

This sweater also comes in multiple colors such as black, red like the one shown above and my personal favorite—Black and white stripes with purple!


Horrify and Terrify your friends with this shirt!  Okay maybe not…but it’s a fun stripey shirt that you can wear while you’re out with your friends.  It comes in red/black or white/black stripes.

Buy this shirt here!

These cute tights come in many different colors.  Black on black, pink on black and white stripes, purple on black, and white on black as seen below.

612814_12 (1).jpg
Buy these leggings here!

Lastly is this Love Kills shirt which could surely make anyone overdose from cuteness.  It comes in black as shown below or pink!

Buy this shirt here!

You can follow them on their official Facebook page (in English) or twitter! They even have a blog that you can read if you know Japanese.




All images have been taken from the website Rakuten and are copyrighted to Listen Flavor.

Featured Fashion- Whisper to the Moon

This Etsy shop has some Gothic charm worth sharing.  They have a selection of fantastic cameo necklaces and earrings that I just had to show off!

The UK based shop owner mentioned that they have been designing and making gothic and mystical jewelry for almost 10 years! That’s a lot of time to hone a craft and everything is at damn good prices I might add.

If you’re interested in the spiderweb cameo featured above, you can buy it here!

This Ouija board cameo comes in white on black as shown below, or black on white.

You can buy this Ouija cameo here!

These dangle planchette earrings would look great with the above Ouija cameo.  They’re also available in bronze.

Buy these dangle earrings here!

I’m crazy about bats so this necklace is perfect for me.  The touch of satin bow at the top gives it a feminine touch.

Buy this bat necklace here!

This isn’t a cameo necklace but it isn’t any less lovely.  I LOVE lace and a lace bat is just perfection to me, so whether or not you live a goth lifestyle or just want to add a fun piece to your wardrobe for the holidays then I highly suggest something this.

Buy this lace bat necklace here!

Bats and vampires go together like ghosts and haunted houses.  So what better to feature next than this vampire teeth cameo.

Buy this vampire teeth cameo here!

If you’re a Beetlejuice lover or just a fan of stripes these dangle earrings are a great statement!

Buy these earrings here!

Anything that says witch is pretty much a hit with me but I love the flow of this necklace design in particular.  The text in this cameo has a spooky appeal but it would just be a text cameo without the dangling pentagram which adds some dimension.

Buy this witch cameo here!

The shop doesn’t have a Facebook page listed but they do have an Instagram page where you can follow them for updates, giveaways, and contests!

Instagram: @whispertothemoon


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