Sweater Weather- REDUX!

Where I live in the Northern U.S. there is at least 3 months of autumn weather and 5 months of winter weather. That’s 8 months out of the year dedicated to sweater weather! As you can imagine, I have amassed a large collection of sweaters and leggings to keep me comfy during the colder half of the year, so here are some of my favorite Halloween themed ones.

I purchased this pale pink bat patterned sweater at H&M in 2016 for $10 and it wasn’t even on sale, that’s just how much it cost! The sizes ran kind of small when I tried it on in the store and it also shrunk ever so slightly in the wash, so if you find sweaters from H&M in the future take caution when purchasing and washing. I would suggest buying a size bigger than you think you will need.


This gray and white bat patterned sweater is from the Forever 21 Bats & Cats collection back in 2015. This collection has been discontinued but I still find them on eBay and Poshmark sometimes.


Like many Halloween enthusiasts, I stalk store websites early for hints of Halloween collections before they are released in store. I knew I had to have this “Oh Snap!” sweater when I saw it on the Kohl’s website in 2016. It’s comfortable and even after almost a year of wear it’s held up remarkably well after so many washes. Unlike other stores that have a reputation for making their shirts with flimsy material *cough-Target-cough*, Kohl’s has some quality Halloween clothes that last a long time.

IMG_5737.jpgSpirit Halloween has been pleasantly surprising the last couple of years. I like that they are bringing some every day wear to their stores. This shoulder cut sweater is one of the most comfortable sweaters I own and probably the most frequently worn too. For my 5’1″ height it’s an over sized sweater in all the right ways. It’s longer on the torso than average sweaters and the sleeves hit that midway point just above my wrist and right beneath my palms.

sweater 2.png

I am a sucker for black and white stripes. I favor bolder, wider stripes as opposed to thinner stripes. Too thin and I get a headache looking at them…I even found a striped pumpkin to showcase my love for the design.


This pretty Jack O’ Lantern sweater was a great find at Goodwill. Even though it has bits of glittery orange in the knit it’s comfortable to wear. The brand of the sweater is Verve Ami.


All of the leggings below are from Wal-Mart. Their designs get cooler every year and I’m excited to see what comes out this year.

I purchased this pair of spider web leggings in 2016 for $3.00. Not only are they comfortable, warm and stretchy around the waist but it’s been two years since I purchased them and albeit faded they are still in great condition.

During that year they also had a long sleeve shirt with the same design that I featured in my previous sweater weather post.


These cobweb leggings by the brand Xhilaration were found at a thrift store recently and I am obsessed with how comfortable they are.


I bought these Jack O’ Lantern face leggings in 2017 for roughly $8. It took me a few visits to realize that each section had different designs. For example, the designs that were available in the women’s plus size section were not available in the non-plus size section and vice versa.

1X was the smallest size I was able to find of this design in the plus size section and it is a little bit baggy around the waist. It fits well enough everywhere else that no one can tell with a longer shirt over it.


These velour leggings with moons and bats were also purchased in 2017 and are the most comfortable pair of leggings on the planet. I feel like I’m wearing pajamas all day. 1X was the smallest size I was able to find of this design but because of the material they are not oversized or baggy.


These metallic silver bat leggings were in the non-plus size section in 2017 and are reminiscent of the metallic gold bat long sleeved shirt I got from Walmart in 2015. They also had gold bat leggings in 2015 which I decided not to buy primarily because I have a hard time getting items with this design material. With movement over time the metallic ink pulls apart and the bat silhouettes start to look creased and broken.


These leggings were in the non-plus size section in 2017 and I am obsessed with the Nordic sweater inspired pattern. There is also a matching long sleeved shirt made with velour.


They had the same design in leggings made with velour! Although the velour version has a dark gray background instead of black I couldn’t resist, it’s ridiculously comfortable.


I hope that you enjoyed seeing my collection and I can’t wait to see the designs that come out this year. I’ll be sure to post another sweater weather blog when I’ve got more to show off.




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