Haunted House Aesthetic

My house is a far cry from looking like the Gothic mansion of my dreams but little by little it’s starting to feel like it. With my wedding only a year away I don’t really have a budget set aside for home decor, so I have had to find inexpensive ways to adjust my home to fit my style.

To hold my flat screen T.V. I’m currently using a thin black glass top sofa table that I found at a thrift store for $30. It’s definitely not decadent with a Queen Anne flair but it is functional and appealing for my budget.


Halloween collectors know that you can never have too much shelf space. Since my sofa table doesn’t take up a lot of the wall space around it, I took advantage of the extra space and hung up some thrifted floating shelves to give myself more room to decorate.

The “Home Sweet Haunted Home” picture is from Michael’s (2017) and the two other pictures are from Target (2017), the “SPOOKY” lettered pumpkins are from Tuesday Morning (2016), the black hand is from JoAnn Fabrics (2017) and the black “BOO” letters are from Walmart (2017)


This black coffin tray is from JoAnn fabrics (2017) and I use it as a remote bin!


I would like to say this beautiful black and white striped chair is a thrift store find but even my wallet won’t allow me to tell that lie. I found it at Marshall’s two years ago for a pretty penny (all 20,000 of them!) 20,000 pennies = $200! and worth every penny I spent.


It is still one of my, and both of my cats, favorite pieces of furniture.


A local carpenter was selling unpainted versions of this coffin shaped bookcase over the summer and I decided to purchase it back when I had more money to buy such frivolous and beautiful things. I even commissioned him to paint it in my favorite color- BLACK! For an extra cost of course.

The skeleton dress form that I have lovingly bestowed with the name “Cordelia” was found at Home Goods (2017) for $40. I plan use her as a clothing model on Battywampus!


Ideally it would be full of books containing potions, spells and charms but it’s barren right now because I’m in packing mode. We are moving next year!


Two years ago I asked my grandfather, who is a carpenter, to build me a set of matching coffin bookshelves. Despite my strange request he built them for me anyway because he loves me. I have one on each end of my couch to hold my DVD’s~

The nesting tables were purchased separately, sanded down and re-painted from their original flowery white and green to a more Gothic black and gold.


I found this mirror at a thrift store for $6.99 but anyone can purchase it at Ikea here for $39.99. I personalized it with some cute black plastic bats that I got for free at a garage sale two years ago. They were used as jar fillers for Halloween but I decided to glue them along the rim of this mirror for added flair.


It turned out much nicer than I expected and it’s one of my favorite DIY pieces. I haven’t been able to track down more of these plastic bats online yet, but I hope to find more so I can make another mirror with them.



I bought these sheer and flocked velvet bat curtains from Target in 2014 on clearance. I didn’t even know they existed until I had my hands on them and I have never seen them anywhere since. I’ll probably gift them as an heirloom when I die.




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  1. Hellen Die says:

    I love all of this! And that mirror with the tiny bats is perfect! 🙂


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