Cottage Witch Aesthetic

A touch of vintage and a dash of magic.

Cottage witch aesthetic reminds me of my grandmothers house. Lots of quilts, lace, kitschy figurines and wooden dollhouses that my grandfather built. Most memorably there is a solid wooden chair in the corner with blankets folded neatly on its seat.

My bedroom holds more of this charm than any other room in the house because that is the room my fiancé has control over decorating. He likes a softer, opulent cottage style whereas I tend to lean towards darker Gothic styles.

Our book shelf doesn’t hold many books on it because I use it as a display for my divination tools and other items that bring me joy. Although my fiancé has control over the style of the bedroom he doesn’t go out of his way to decorate it, leaving the design choices up to me. Currently on our shelf there is a faux crystal ball, framed flowers dried and pressed in glass, a small cast iron cauldron and a wooden box filled with divination tools.


I would love to fill these glass bottles with dried lavender some day and though they appear to have a vintage look, I bought them at Michael’s in 2016.

The two framed pressed flower pictures with hand written notes on them give my shelf a more personalized look. They were purchased at a thrift store but the TJ Maxx stickers on the backs of their frames indicate that they too, are not as old as they appear.


This faux crystal ball was created entirely out of parts that I found at a thrift store.

The round glass jar has a screw cap on the bottom and I have yet to find another one like it. This means I can easily fill the glass jar with sand, beads or any other finicky materials that require a closed lid.


The brass base was a random but fortuitous find that is a perfect fit for the glass jar. I tried to place many things inside the jar to give it the aesthetic that I wanted but none looked more lovely than this thrifted ceramic hand.


On the second shelf there are crystals, Palo Santo wood, essential oil jars and my tarot card box.


I added a brass tree branch that looms over a cauldron to give it a more dramatic look.


I have been using The Mystic Faerie Tarot deck by Barbara Moore and Linda Ravenscroft for a long time. No matter how many pretty decks I find, I can’t bring myself to move on and buy a new one. I also purchased the same deck for one of my best friends and she loves it too! The wooden Fortunes tea box was a random thrift store find that adds a vintage appeal to the shelf. I am on the look out for more of these boxes in different styles. So far I only have three; Canadian maple, cinnamon and peach apricot.


My love for books and porcelain figures is boundless. Anthology books of Jane Austen and Lewis Carroll are placed next to my musical figurine “Guinevere” and her unicorn friend on the left. I like to play her tune on soft breezy days while I’m cleaning the house.

To the right, there is fairy figurine riding her snail friend back to her mushroom cottage is an endearing sight. Nothing says cottage witch like fairies and books about herbs!


The green and white pot in the center is used as a candle holder on my shelf and sometimes I use it as a sage smudging bowl. It’s a serene place to be and even Rydia wanted a place on the shelf!


The only other place in my house with this aesthetic is upstairs in the loft. My fiancé and I agreed that it was only fitting to have a cozy style for our library.

I purchased both the faux leather love seat and bench at two different thrift stores! They just happened to look amazing next to each other.


There is a small side table next to the love seat that is designed to look like a tower of books. It may be slightly kitschy but its a fun addition to the reading nook.


Resting on top of the table is a witch doll that I got at Home Goods (2016) and next to it is a set wooden book coasters that I found at a thrift store. They help tie into the book theme once more.


The loft has more of an antique vibe to it than the clean cottage style seen in our bedroom.


The lumbar pillow in the middle of the love seat is embroidered and comfortable to use.  The other two are brighter quilted pillows from Kohl’s that don’t necessarily match the antique look, but I think they help give the room a pop of color.


Lastly, bench opens up to a parted out storage space where I store all of my fun Halloween blankets. I have so many blankets that it’s nice to be able to put them away when there are too many floating about. It will also help them last longer if they aren’t in constant use.


Some days I am dreaming about lavish and decadent black Gothic decor. Other days I long for this cozy cottage aesthetic, especially in the winter when cozy is what I crave.

Usuallyshabby chic items have a weathered, distressed, or aged look. The condition of the furniture and display items makes them endearing and fashionable. For example a shabby chic table could have scratches and old stains or a brass lamp can be tarnished and weathered.  The distressed conditions of these items provide character and charm. Some items may not necessarily be vintage but appear to be so.

Regardless of what you call it, this aesthetic has a comfortable charm that I love.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the cozier side of my home. Next time I’ll show you some of the dark gothic decor that you didn’t get to see.


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