Halloween Kitchen

With Thanksgiving around the corner I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show off my Halloween kitchen!

The items that I buy during the Halloween season during one year are almost never available the next year. So the agony of buying Halloween items for every day use is that I may not be able to replace something once it wears out or breaks.

I’ve learned to purchase multiples of items that I like and set the extras aside in a plastic bin that I call my “just in case” box. This box is full of items that are still in their packaging just in case something happens to the one that I use on a regular basis.

When I first started buying Halloween stuff for every day use in the kitchen, I was far less selective than I am now and it has left me with a lot of cool but weird items. A good example is this Wilton pumpkin cooling rack that I found at a thrift store.

I am not always able to get multiples of a particular item if I find it at a thrift store so I have to do some digging online to track it down. I have come across this item on Ebay a few times but it has discontinued by Wilton and can be difficult to find.

IMG_3861 (1)

Cooking Utensils

I have so many Halloween themed cooking utensils that they need their own utensil holder. This separates them from the boring normal ones. The silver skull holding them is actually a cookie jar I found at a thrift store that was missing its lid. It was originally sold at Target. Gretchen the zombie chef keeps him company on the kitchen counter.


The trick or treat spatula is from Cub Foods (2016), the pumpkin and skeleton scraper spatulas are from Tuesday Morning (2016) and the Frankenstein and pumpkin spatulas are from a thrift store but they don’t have brand names attached to them…Sorry!


I was ecstatic when I came across these ZAZA KITCHEN brand spatulas at Walmart (2017) in the kitchen department for only $2.97 each! They had six total designs so naturally I bought three of my two favorite designs, just in case. The wooden coffin, the black and orange whisk and the black cat spatula are all from JoAnn Fabrics (2017).


Drying Mats

JoAnn Fabrics (2017) came out with this subtly spooky design that fits both my Autumn and Halloween decor needs.


This design from JoAnn Fabrics was released in 2016. The material is durable and is my favorite design of the two that I own. I am looking forward to seeing what they release next year!


Spoon Rests

Home Goods released this vibrant spoon rest in 2016 but it was not available the following year. The spiderweb design is super cute and the orange ceramic glaze looks great on my black stove top.


The ghost spoon rest was originally from the Kohl’s Halloween Midnight Market collection in an unknown year. The witch spoon rest was a thrift store find that does not have a brand name on it unfortunately…

It isn’t a spoon rest but I couldn’t keep him out of the picture. I’m a picky eater that likes to keep my food separated from my condiments *Gasp!* So this skeleton saucer helps keep my sauces contained and my sanity in check. I also found it at a thrift store but it has no brand name.


Cookie Jars

Instead of using cookie jars to store sweets, I like to use them for more mundane things such as rice, pasta, coffee beans or grounds and other dried items that I use regularly.


I make American style Goulash at least once a month so this tombstone cookie jar from Home Goods (2016) is a unique storage container for dried macaroni.


This cookie jar is a thrift store find from a few years ago and it sat in my storage for a long time, until one day I realized it would make the perfect rice storage container.


We eat rice in my household on an almost every day basis so it makes sense for me to have it in an easily accessible container on the counter. Unfortunately I could not find a brand name anywhere on this cookie jar, so if it breaks I may not be able to find it again. If you know what brand this jar is from please let me know!


I bought this ghost cookie jar at Home Goods (2017) but still haven’t found a use for it yet. I saw online that there were four other designs which included ghosts, cats, pumpkins and witch hats. I was only able to find a jar like this with ghosts on it but apparently there were also matching bowls and mugs available in some stores.


I try to buy cookie jars that have seals on them because I tend to store a lot of dried goods that need to be sealed off in air tight containers.


There’s even a spooky little surprise on the inside!

IMG_7940 (1)


These ceramic bowls are TAG brand and I bought 4 sets of them for $1.99 each at Tuesday Morning (2017).


I love their contrasting colors!


They are small bowls that don’t hold a lot though. I would compare their size to a child sized rice bowl. Here is a size reference of one bowl next to my salt & pepper shakers.


These bat bowls were a random find at Home Goods (2017). Thankfully they are the size of average cereal bowls and I am in love with the pattern inside.


As an added bonus, they have a fun diamond texture on the outside!


These brand 222 Fifth dishes are titled “Bump in the Night” and you can find more information on this set here. I got lucky and found a set of two bowls and two plates in great condition at a thrift store but they are originally from Home Goods.


These “Witch Lace” plates are also from the brand 222 Fifth. They are a unique and romantic looking set if you’re into spiderwebs and graveyards like I am. I have them safely packed away for special occasions like Valentines Day, dinner parties and my birthday.



These were hard to pass up when I saw them at Burlington Coat Factory (2017) because I didn’t have any stemless wine glasses at home. It’s one thing if I was going to buy yet ANOTHER Halloween mug but these are not something you see every year.


The metallic silver imagery on black glass is a stunning combo.



I wasn’t interested in a whole lot at World Market (2017) but these signet skull tumblers caught my eye. They were selling them online as a set of four at $44.95 but surprisingly, they were much cheaper to purchase individually in the store. A set of four in-store versus online was almost a $15 difference!


Both the tumbler and the signet are made from glass and I think the skull stamps didn’t form properly on a lot of them. Many looked more like indistinct blobs rather than skulls so I spent 20 minutes searching for the best looking ones to take home.


These ghost tumblers are TAG brand and I got them from a thrift store two years ago. I haven’t been able to find them online since.


These bat tumblers are from a friend who was downsizing his own Halloween stash. They are also TAG brand and probably my favorite glasses.


Salt & Pepper Shakers

I’ve seen some cute Halloween themed salt & pepper shakers but I have never had an urge to collect them. Probably because if I did start collecting them, I would never stop.

The purple and green slime cauldrons are from a local kitchen supply store and do not have a brand name on them. The other two are thrift store finds and I know for a fact that the witch and cauldron set is originally from Target (2007).


Tupperware & Lunch Bags

Target releases new Halloween themed Pyrex Tupperware designs every year and one of the designs for 2017 was Jack O’ Lanterns! I don’t always like the designs that are released and because of this I don’t own many Halloween Pyrex.

The other two designs released for 2017 were a band of monsters with a bright green lid and a skeleton musician motif for the Day of the Dead with a black lid.


In 2016 they released a ghost design that I thought was cute. Unfortunately something bumped up against it in the sink and caused big chip in the rim of the bowl. The bowls are made of glass so I ended up getting cut by it pretty badly and I had to throw it away…


Packing lunches is one of my favorite things to do and I will go to great lengths to make sure I have a cute set up waiting for me during a long work day.

Home Goods had these small fabric totes available in 2016 and they were brought back again in 2017. They are the perfect size for lunch bags!


There were other designs available but I couldn’t justify having 10+ lunch bags. So I settled on two with the hope that they’ll be back again next year with new designs.


I like to use my imagination to help make my food fun and spooky. Cookie cutters are a simple and easy way to make food more interesting.


I have a lot of stuff so I hope you enjoyed this incredibly long post! There is definitely more to see in my kitchen but I have to leave something for next time.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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