Featured Fashion- The Kawaii Machine

During my research on the Pastel Goth and Creepy Cute blog I came across one shop in particular that caught my attention.  Based out of Nashville Tennesee, The Kawaii Machine makes clothing inspired by fairy kei, creepy cute, and pastel goth fashions.

I fell in love with the designs and wanted to share some of my favorites.

night creature

This Night Creature sweater is the perfect way to show off how much you hate the sun.


If it’s more blatant Halloween styles you’re looking for then this Pumpkin Gang shirt is for you.  Also available as a T-shirt and a hoodie in multiple color combos.


This Every Day Is Halloween sweater is one of my favorites on the website!  You can also get it as a T-shirt and it’s available in multiple colors.


This ghost shirt is available in both long and short sleeves with multiple color combos.  My personal favorite is the black and purple design.  This style of sweater looks so comfortable.


Despite being a scarecrow (fun fact: scarecrows creep me out) this Jeepurrs Creepurrs shirt is almost as adorable as its name!


I am in love with the green and orange color scheme on this Moonlight Kitty sweater.  It’s also available as a hoodie.


These oracle leggings are pretty spectacular to look at.  According to the website their legging designs are professionally sublimated onto ultra smooth and 90% nylon, 10% spandex leggings. Sublimation provides vivid, crisp images that won’t fade in the wash


This print is also available as a dress and various other clothing items, including a backpack 


Or a sweater! I can see myself wearing this on a cold night while reading my tarot cards by candle light.


These Bat leggings are a great addition to any pastel goth wardrobe.

graveyard print.jpg

This print is also available as a dress and various other clothing items, including a backpack!


This graveyard ghosts skirt is adorable and comes in multiple color combos!

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the shop.  Not everything is Halloween or spooky related.  There are also video game and magical girl designs and some other clothing items that I haven’t shown here.

The main website is here and has more information in case you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Etsy site.



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