Spring Forward into Creepy Cute & Pastel Goth Fashion!

I’ve recently become attracted to two fashion styles: Creepy Cute and Pastel goth.

  • Creepy cute mixes pretty with pretty creepy.  A zombie with guts hanging out while also wearing a cute frilly dress would be considered ‘creepy cute’ so just think gore and creepy crawly bugs mixed with cute aesthetics of lace and bows is what you’re going for.
  • Pastel goth mixes pastels colors with black as a contrast.  There doesn’t have to be anything creepy in the style but where’s the fun in that?  Think pastel pink hair and girly makeup with the Goth aesthetics of belts, buckles, and spikes.  You can add any other elements of goth attire that you want as long as you also add color somewhere in the outfit.

Combining the two creates a pastel creep show that is exciting because it’s designed to lure you in and creep you out at the same time.  There are so many possibilities!


While I have a lot of creepy stuff lying about I don’t really have a lot of cute or pastel in my wardrobe.  My attempt to explore this style is all at a beginners standpoint but I wanted to give it a try.

It is oddly difficult to find pastel colored clothing at a thrift store.  I mostly find pinks which is my least favorite color if I’m honest, and while I’ve grown to accept it as a color on the color wheel it still barely touches my wardrobe.


My friend Jessica was in my previous Slumber Party blog where she featured this shirt.  I reuse a lot of my clothes for different outfits so I thought this would make a great pastel goth shirt.  Add some pastel pink or purple hair with a spiked leather bracelet and you’re good to go!


Hello Cavities is a US based Etsy shop that carries a few select sweaters.  They have this polka dotted bat sweater in various colors including the one shown above as well as pink, mint, and the inverse of the image above which is a black sweater with purple bats.


My personal favorite is their Ghosty sweatshirt and it is only available in purple, which is fine by me because it’s my favorite color.


Accessories are a huge part of these two styles.  They are often what sets your outfit apart from being just cute to creepy cute!  Take this Ouija planchette necklace for example.


These bear necklaces by Moon Bunny are too cute and are definitely up my alley with their Halloween themes.  The Frankenstein bear is my favorite!


Pair the above ouija necklace with this tye dyed magical shirt from Teen Hearts and maybe some pastel leggings for a more finished look.



My favorite aspect of the creepy cute style is that you can make it 50/50 between creepy and cute or you can lean more one way or the other.  I personally like it smack in the middle where I could play up both features evenly.


Eyeballs are HUGE in the world of creepy cute and it’s a common accessory found in most jewelry.  Necklaces, earrings, hair bows, you name it!  This necklace by Calavinister looks like just what any creepy cute lover would wear.


Another aesthetic of the Creepy Cute style is blood and gore.  This hot pink blood drip necklace is just what you need if you want to start dressing the part.


More gore! This hanging guts skirt would pair nicely with your other gorey accessories.


Want something more casual?  If I didn’t work in an office I would probably wear this shirt to work if I was sick and couldn’t stay home.

One of my favorite descriptions of the differences between creepy cute and pastel goth is by Hello Batty.  Check out her video below!


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