Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is a little less than one month away and stores are filling up with cheap pink and red flavored garbage.

I’d like to believe the whole point of this holiday is to show someone that you care about them but I have met some people that believe the quality of the gift equals the quality of the love.  Whereas I think of Valentine’s Day as a momentary blip on the calendar where I can express myself and my appreciation of my partner.

I wanted to showcase some of the cool ways you can give your gifts a twist that will turn this day into your own blip of happiness.

My fiancé and I didn’t do anything big last year for Valentine’s Day so we went to Trader Joe’s and picked up a cheap small cake.

The zombie hand picks were left over from my birthday party two years ago, which I showcased on a previous blog (here).  Though you can redecorate a cute cake like this with any creepy features to suite your style.



Examples: Candy eye balls, frosting stitches, make a graveyard scene with tiny tombstones (or half eaten Oreo cookies), add neon green frosting to make it look like slime is dripping down the sides, get a white cake and put blood red gel frosting hand prints all over it, ect.

I already showed some ways you can use these cake molds in my Halloween party blog (here) but you can get creative and make your own cake at home if you have the time.

There are plenty of molds available online to choose from if you don’t already have some stored away like me.  This skull cakelette pan is perfect for individual sized cakes!


Teddy bears are on the top of the list of gifts to give on Valentine’s Day.

These bears are modeled after a mascot in Japan called “Gloomy Bear” and the plushes come in a variety of unique colors and styles.  There is also a pink version of the zombie bear available that might be more fitting with the color scheme of the holiday.



Jewelry is another common gift to give this time of year and I have had my eyes on the gems from Mordaunte’s Coffin Gems for a very long time.


The owner has specially cut gems that are placed in the jewelry of your choice including pendants, rings, earrings, tie tacks, and lapel pins.

I asked my fiancé for the 5ct gravestone ring because I know it will match with almost anything I wear.  If you want to keep it a secret ask your partner what their favorite color is or take a look at their wardrobe and figure out what color they like to wear the most.


Restaurants are often overcrowded and noisy on Valentine’s Day. Instead of eating out maybe you and your partner can plan on having dinner at home in style!

Pick out some new dinnerware that will change up the mood.  Putting thought into things like this will show that you care about your partner’s experience and don’t want it to be just another lazy dinner at home.

Switching from the every day ordinary can be fun!  These “Witch Lace” plates from 222 Fifth are unique and romantic looking, if you’re into spiderwebs and graveyards like I am.


These sweet chocolate bites were featured on

They were made using a simple skull and crossbones ice cube trays which you can find on Amazon (here).  Though there are many different kinds of ice cube trays you can choose from, like anatomical hearts or zombie limbs!



Set the mood with dinner and drinks at home. This purple people eater cocktail will have you hungry for more.  I think I’m going to try making these with vodka soaked blackberries added for texture.



While Valentine’s Day is not my favorite Holiday, it can be a lot of fun if you put your mind to it. Be creative! You can surprise each other or come up with ideas together.  Regardless of how it’s done, it should be a night that you both enjoy.


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