Halloween Haul 2016

By mid-July a small few stores in the United States have started to put out their Halloween stock.  It’s usually home decor and fabric stores like Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Tuesday Morning, and At Home that are first to get into the Halloween spirit.  Larger ‘big box’ stores like Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s follow suit in mid-September after Back to School clearances start getting stale.


If you follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Instagram then you know that I post my cool Halloween hauls as I find them.  If you don’t follow me then this post is a recap of the stuff I’ve managed to get my hands on this season!


This faux orange crystal skull was found at a thrift store and the metal Coffin with vanity lights was at Michael’s this year for $16.99.

If you’re a Michael’s regular and signed up with their rewards program they have coupons ALL THE TIME.  After using a coupon I only spent $9.00 for this thing.  The downside of this item is that the lights wear out quickly, so if you intend to keep them turned on for long periods of time I suggest you stock up on batteries.


This skull candle holder is from Michael’s too.  I plan on using it for something more useful than candles, like filling it with soil and making a cemetery terrarium.  You know, useful.  It comes in both black and white too.  Next to it is a Spell book cookie jar from World Market.  I didn’t buy it this year but it’s a is a returning favorite that has been in stock for years.


Tuesday Morning is a home decor store with pretty decent prices but they don’t have an online store.  This set of six ‘spooky’ pumpkins was only $12.99.


I found these ceramic stacking bat bowls at Home Goods and each have different prices.  I believe the biggest bowl was $9.99 and the smallest bowl was $4.99.  The bat bottle opener was also from Home Goods for $9.99.  I caution you that the black coating on the bat bottle opener does flake off over time and use.  My fiancee is a craft beer lover and pointed this out to me.


Tuesday Morning also has a small collection of Halloween themed cookware.  The brand of these silicone spatulas is called Core Kitchen and you can find some of their stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond. I saw from what other people posted online that they have other silicone spatula characters like Frankenstein, but these two were the only characters that the store near my house had.


Nordic Ware had a skull cakelete pan at Home Goods for $19.99.  You aren’t limited to just cakes with this pan either!  I’ve made stuffed pizza skulls for dinner and for breakfast I’ve put in crescent roll dough and filled them with sausage, eggs, and cheese.  Next on my list is to make a grilled cheese skull and float them in a bowl of tomato soup.


These ‘Wiccan Lace’ porcelain plates are gorgeous!  Made by 222 Fifth, I saw them online last year and was bummed when I realized I was a little too late to get them before they were sold out.  Thankfully they came back this year so naturally, I bought six of them!  If you can’t find them or don’t have a Home Goods near you, Replacements.com has them for sale online.


These bone china tea cups from Home Goods are as fragile as they are cute so I don’t take them out often.


Each of the cups has a saying on the inside at the bottom for a spooky surprise when you’re done sipping!


This Trick or Treat platter is also from Home Goods and the small bat tumblers are gifts from a good friend of mine.


I have a lot of food serving ceramic cauldrons but this one caught my eye at Home Goods.  Be careful when purchasing things from Home Goods because sometimes you can get products with shoddy quality paint or texture.  I didn’t notice before I bought this item that the paint hadn’t filled in around the words properly, so some places look spotty and gray instead of solid black.


Michael’s has a lot of drink ware available and for $3.99 this skull tumblr comes in multiple ombre colors like green/blue, red/orange, or clear!


These counter top drying mats work so well that I bought two of them!  They are available at JoAnn Fabrics.


Those that know me are aware that The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is my favorite American folklore short story.  This snow globe and stone painted statue were calling out to me at Home Goods.  The statue was $16.99 and the globe was $12.99


Home Goods happened to have multiple sizes of the statue available but I didn’t realize that until I had already purchased my smaller table top one.    Apparently it was also available in black so I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get the larger one to put on my dinner table.  Maybe next year it will be back in stock and I can snag it then.


Another Home Goods beauty is this small wall hanging mirror.  It’s not very big and overall it sizes from my fingertips to just past my elbow but it’s a fun addition to the walls.


Both of these claw candy bowls were bought at Target for around $9.99 each.  I’m saddened to say that not even a few hours after this photo was taken, someone at my Halloween party knocked the tall one over and shattered the glass bowl. R.I.P.  The standing witch statue was $12.99 and the large spell book was $14.99 at Home Goods.


The lighting in my house made these hooks look silver when they are actually a very light yellow gold color.  I plan to use them as jewelry hooks above my shelves in my guest bedroom.  The original price was $4.99 for one pair but I bought them on sale at Home Goods for $2.50 each.



The small stack of magic books was a gift from my fiancee.  He bought them at Michael’s for a reasonable price I’m sure.  The bat shaped stone statue is a gorgeous addition to my living room for only $7.00 on sale at Home Goods.  Original price was $14.99


My new cat Rydia has taken a liking to my witch dolls.  The tall matronly looking doll was at Home Goods and I found the smaller white haired doll at a local thrift store.

The black and white striped chair was also at Home Goods for a whopping $200!  I didn’t want to pass it up though because it matches everything in my guest bedroom.

Can you tell I’m a Home Goods fan yet?  I enjoy the prices from there but sometimes the quality isn’t the best.  Pay attention when purchasing things from Home Goods and look for flaws in paint or texture.  I can’t tell you how many times I go back to look for new items and notice something that I recently purchased isn’t in great shape compared to another one at the store.  I have exchanged items due to damages unseen when I first bought them.

Some other places to double check for Halloween merchandise are:


Bed Bath & Beyond


World Market



Pottery Barn






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