Halloween Party 2016

My party planning has become more elaborate during the years that I’ve been developing this blog.  My sense of style has become more defined and I’ve had to learn to say no to items that look cool but have no place at the table.

This year I went with a witch theme for my party.  I wanted to go less kitschy Halloween witch and more rustic witch.  It helped that I already had a ton of cauldrons, spell books, crystals and candles for my own personal practices.


A few days before the party I invited my fiancee’s brother and his girlfriend over to have dinner and carve pumpkins.  I’m a fan of Autumn tradition and I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch earlier in the day so I could spend hours picking out the perfect pumpkins, but time constraint forced us into making a quick stop at Target instead.


My kitten Rydia even got into the Halloween spirit with us!


Our pumpkins turned out great and we even made two little pumpkins for my cats!


With kitschy Halloween witches I expect to see bright colored bottles with labels that say “Eye of Newt” or “Wool of bat”, cauldrons bubbling over filled with bugs and eye balls, cartoon witch caricatures, and creepy crawly fun foods.

A rustic witch is more earthy with magical antiques that have passed down from family members through the generations.  Tarot cards, crystal balls, candles, herbs, wooden and earthy objects, antique metals, and sure- throw in a broomstick or two!


Cast iron or other metal cauldrons add great a great effect for realism.  I added this rabbit fur pouch that I purchased at a holistic shop.  They assured me that they only purchased fur from vendors that had killed humanely and utilized the entire animal after its death.  This is the only real fur item that I own in my entire house!


My fiancee bought these ceramic spell books for me at Michael’s.  The bat shaped stone piece is from TJ Maxx Home Goods and it made a great centerpiece on my floating wall shelf above the drink station.


I got three of these metal cages and I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do with them.  I thought I’d put tiny skeletons or monsters in them as a joke around the house but the more I worked with the theme the less appealing it sounded.  Thankfully I was able to find a spot for them, but otherwise this would be a good case of “Say no to it if it doesn’t fit your theme”  I already had these wooden Ouija planchette coasters around the house and they worked quite nicely with the theme.


We had a lot of food and thanks to my fiancee.  He focused on the heartier dinner dishes like creamy chicken stew, beefy queso dip, and stuffed pizza skulls.  I focused on everything else which included chips, hummus, pickles, olives, veggie platters, drinks, and decorating!


The pizza skulls were a big hit!  I made them using a skull shaped cakelette pan by Nordic Ware.  The recipe is simple and easy.  Check it out here !


I got these wicker witch hats at a thrift store and hung them around the ceiling fan above the food in the dining room.  It added a whimsical feel to the space.


The bookshelf in the dining room was decked out too!


The drinking station was fun to set up.  Even though the party was BYOB a lot of people forgot that the party was taking place on a Sunday and in Minnesota that means all liquor stores are closed.  The party ended up having no alcohol at all but I still had plenty of non-alcoholic drinks such as soda and Halloween themed juices like Hi-C Ecto Cooler and Ghoul-Aid (Kool-Aid) Scary Berry flavor.


I bought this massive light up drink dispenser from Target but was disappointed to find out that it was broken and wouldn’t light up like it was meant to…


One of my favorite party games is an online game called Jack Box and it’s available on most consoles including PC.  The hit game of the night was definitely Trivia Murder Party.  It’s like any typical trivia game except…Any player who gets the question wrong must play a mini-game where they could potentially die! After all but 1 player dies, the living player must reach the exit before any of the dead players catch up. If one does catch up, they steal their body and become the living player instead. The player who escapes alive is the winner.  It is a morbid but great game for Halloween.

Check out the game play!

Overall the party was a success but it was difficult to arrange things because of the party being on a Sunday.  I am definitely going to stick to party days being on Fridays or Saturdays from now on.

I’ll be trick or treating with some ghoulfriends tonight.  I hope everyone has a spooky fun Halloween this year!




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