Party Theme- Witches!

Hello October!

Welcome to the wonderful head space in which I entrap myself throughout the year, but only get to experience with other people for a few short months.

I thought it might be fun to showcase different themed party ideas this month to celebrate my favorite holiday.

The theme today is:  WITCHCRAFT

My party is going to be witch themed this year and I wanted to share some of the cool ideas I found online.  Remember to play around with themes based on the guests that are attending your party.

Bring fun to your entry way or porch by adding hanging witch hats from your ceiling and complete the look with some antique looking broomsticks and a cauldron.


Source: (here)

These floating candles inspired by “Harry Potter” are so cool that I couldn’t help but post a tutorial for them.  How would you feel walking into a party only to look up and see these?  I don’t recommend doing this in a large room unless you have the time and energy to make a lot of them, but if you want to spice up a small dining room or bathroom this would work well.  Get some star themed fabric to tape along the ceiling to give it more depth.


Source: (here)

Don’t want to spring for the tall fancy LED candles that run about $5-12 a pop, but still want the look?  Just grab LED tea lights instead then use a hot glue gun and stick them in empty toilet paper rolls.  Don’t forget to spray paint it black!  Check the source link for a tutorial.


Source: (here)

Want to give out some creative gifts while still providing a bit of free entertainment?  Have your guests make their own witching wands!  It’s easy peasy with this DIY tutorial by Majann on Deviantart.  It involves chopsticks and a hot glue gun!


Source: (here)

Another great crafting project for you or your guests of all ages is to make their own spell books!  It involves mod-podge, paint, and patience but the results are well worth it.


Source: (here)

Crafter Dave Lowe has an incredible tutorial for a slightly more time consuming but amazing DIY craft for making your own spell books.  He even did it for his own sketchbook.


Source: (here)

Dave Lowe also made a tutorial for a bat in a cage.  Witches have been known to have familiars from bats to cats and every animal in between.  This would be a fun spooky way to set up your environment.  You don’t even have to do this exact tutorial. Just go out and find an antique bird cage of some kind.  My local thrift store sells them from time to time and if I’m lucky, I’ll find a cast iron one with swirls on top someday.  A creepy girl can dream can’t she?


Source: (here)

This decoration is a little bit more complicated and requires some machinery.  If you have the know-how (or ambition) this decor would be a fun way to celebrate the magic your guests are craving.


Source: (here)

I made this drink for Halloween two years ago.  I personally found this recipe to be really bland so I improvised on the recipe and everyone loved it!  You can make any green drink concoction and it will be a great visual for your party.


Source: (here)

A quick and easy addition to your decorating repertoire is these DIY potion bottles made from recycled medicine bottles.


Source: (here)

Unfortunately this set is sold out at Pottery Barn. I have seen it run through ebay every now and again (for $80!- yikes.) but you could easily find small plastic cauldrons online and it will give a similar effect.


Source: (here)

If you’re a drinker, a cute way to help your friends get in the ‘spirit’ is to add tiny witch hats to your wine bottles! I think they’re adorable anyway~


Source: (here)

Crate and Barrel has this large serving bowl designed like a cauldron.  It would be great for pretty much anything.  Candy, popcorn, soup and cider.  If you don’t have storage space for it then maybe the smaller individual bowls might be better for you.


Source: (here)

There are so many things that you could do with a witch theme.

You can make it kitschy and playful like most of the things that I’ve posted in this blog today, or you could be more traditional and earthy by adding hanging herbs, natural candlelight, altars, crystals and tarot cards.  You could also go the black magic route by adding gothic decor, dark drapery, bugs, and bats.

I’d love to see pictures from Halloween parties you’ve hosted.  Send them to my e-mail: or Facebook and I’ll post them up on my Facebook page!


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