Spooky Slumber Party

I’m a sucker for sleeping in and I love to lounge around in my pajamas.  There’s no better feeling than waking up with the windows open on a cool autumn morning, then grabbing the closest pair of fleece pajama bottoms.

I have so many shirts and pants in my collection that I’ve taken to making my own pajama sets with them, so my friends came over to help me showcase some of my favorites!


In particular I have a lot of pumpkin themed clothes.  These Jack O’ Lantern pajamas are just bright and cheery enough for the Holidays.


Below my friend Maia is wearing a Jack O’ Lantern tank top which is available from Target in their Halloween collection this year.  The shirt brand is Fifth Sun and is hit or miss for me because some of their clothes are cheaply made thin graphic tees, and others are really well made sweaters.


The shirt has a cute retro Jack O’ Lantern face that reminds me of an old postcard, and makes a perfect match for my pajama bottoms which are available from Walmart in their Halloween collection this year.


My friend Jessica (below) is sporting a cute Halloween list T-shirt from Kohl’s Halloween collection this year.  She is wearing a strappy bralette underneath the shirt so don’t be fooled by the string details.  This is just a regular V-neck T-shirt!


I found the fleece pajama pants at a thrift store a year ago and they are a good match for the Halloween top.  It’s a comfortable pairing with a loose fit.


My friend Amber (below) is sporting two of my favorite thrift store finds.  The shirt was sold at Target last year during Halloween and is also by the brand Fifth Sun.


The pants are by Joe Boxer and are one of my favorite pairs of pajama pants.  I found these both on the same thrift store trip!  The ghost blanket in the background is from the Halloween collection last year at Target.


We all had a lot of fun with the photo shoot and got to eat some yummy snacks!  Too bad Maia (left) hates popcorn, but she’s a trooper and posed with it anyway.


Jessica (below) is wearing a purple rib cage T-shirt that I found at a thrift store last year.  Unfortunately there isn’t a brand name on any of the tags to identify where to buy it at…


The fleece pants are from the Halloween collection this year at Walmart!  Although I personally hate candy corn these were too cute to pass up.


I love this witch shirt that Maia (below) is wearing.  It’s another thrift store find but it originally had these tacky long sleeves that looked like faux tattoos, and I absolutely hated it for several reasons so I cut them off and now the shirt looks great!


The fleece pants she’s wearing were sold at Walmart several years ago and I haven’t seen them since.  They are well loved like all of my other Halloween pajama pants.


If you want to wear something less in your face with the Halloween theme (though I’m not sure why you’d want to) then these pattered pajama bottoms that Amber is wearing below should do the trick!

IMG_4819 (1).jpg

Made with a unique pattern that features black cats and witch hats, it’s a witch lovers dream.

Go to my facebook page and post some of your favorite pajamas or you can let me know which ones you liked the most from this post!

Stay spooky my friends!



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