Sweater Weather

I enjoy the fall and winter.  I get to wear black with abandon, cuddle under fluffy blankets, and snowstorms are a great excuse to stay indoors.

I also hate the cold and I would rather have someone drop me off at the front of a building than walk 10 feet across the parking lot when it’s cold outside.  But we all have to make due with what we have and despite having terrible Northern winters I also have a love for sweaters, so it kind of works itself out in a way.

I will probably make more than one sweater weather post because there are so many outfits and so little time to photograph them all.  For now I’ll just show you a few of my favorites!


I’ve been in love with this Drop Dead Death Bed jacket for several years but I didn’t actually know about it until it was already well sold out.  Eventually I found it on a website called Poshmark but it was in petite sizing.  I ordered it without knowing if it would fit and unfortunately it didn’t.  So I gave it to my good friend Maia and it fits her perfectly!


The back of the jacket features a coffin with a crescent moon, fangs, and the lowercase letters ‘dd’ which stand for the company’s brand Drop Dead.  The opaque sleeves don’t make this jacket terribly warm but it is damn beautiful.


I ordered this gray and black bat dress from Sourpuss Clothing after I fell in love with online. I’m fairly short at my 5’1″ stature and large busted, so I ordered this dress in a large.  It comes down to my knees and fits well despite it’s stretchy fabric.  If you wear it too many times in a row without a wash then it might end up looking saggy.

Bat Sweater (2-2)

The material of this sweater is very thin and baggy so I usually only wear it at the beginning of Autumn.  I found it at a thrift store 3 years ago in a size small and this is probably why it ended up looking like a crop top on me.  I found another one in a larger size and gave the smaller one to my friend Maia.  I can confidently say that it looks a hundred times better on her.


I chose bat accessories instead of skull accessories because it didn’t seem to mesh well.  The black contrast at the neck helped to keep things cohesive.


The sweater has faint stripes in varying opacity that lie horizontally across it with knit skull patches on the elbows.  The brand of this sweater is Mono B but I have yet to find this brand in any shops.  I did find it and similar sweaters on Poshmark here.  There is actually an episode of NCIS where tech lab goth girl Abby is wearing this sweater.  Check it out at S10 Ep23!


There’s something really attractive about spider webs.  They way they glisten in the sun and how you walk into them as they engulf your face like invisible nets….wait.

Well regardless of the pleasure or pain I derive from spider webs, I can’t deny that they are beautiful.  Spiders, not so much.  They’re just plain creepy.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate their place on our planet but I’m certainly happy that I live in a state where they are pretty much non-existent 6 months out of the year.


I’ve come across some unique web themed accessories in my search for Halloween items over the years.  For instance, I found this set of gorgeous sterling silver web poison rings at the thrift store I worked at last year.

I found the spider web shirt on sale at Walmart during their end of season Halloween sale for $1.00 each!  Of course I bought two.


This gold bat shirt below was also bought at Walmart for $1.00, so naturally I bought a few of them. The matching moon belt is by Yves Saint Laurent, which I found at my local thrift store.  It is my favorite belt!


The bats on this shirt are just as cool as the pattern is obnoxious, so I paired it with a long asymmetrical vest and a cinched belt around my waist.  This way it cuts off a lot of the pattern to make it less overpowering and more like an accent.  I also paired it with some bat accessories like earrings and a necklace!


As it gets colder you’ll need something warmer.  I got this fleece bat sweater in 2016 while I was working at Spirit Halloween.  For those of you outside of the USA, it is a pop up seasonal store only open during the Halloween season.  You’ll have to look for it in costume bags on the floor since it isn’t hanging in plain sight.  If you don’t have a Spirit Halloween store near you then I suggest purchasing it online in their store here.  I do know of other sites that sell this hoodie but most of them are perpetually sold out.

Even though it’s a technically a hoodie, it fits like a dress and is very comfortable.  However it’s made out of fleece so keep in mind that it doesn’t breathe well.

Black Bat (4-4)

The scarf I’m wearing is from Hottopic and is designed with occult symbols from the tv series Supernatural.

Black Bat (20)

I’m excited to show you more in my next sweater weather post!

In the meantime, I’d love to see what kinds of spooky inspired fall outfits you guys can come up with!


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