Party City-2016

I used to hate Party City.  As a kid going out shopping for Halloween costumes with my family it was just another large party shop selling cheap costumes that were overpriced and my mom refused to buy us anything there.  Not that anything there was worth having mind you, but we still went so we could get ideas that my mom would eventually use to make us our costumes herself.  Flashback to the 1990’s wearing my pink power ranger costume made from a matching pink sweatshirt and sweatpants with felt.

Growing into teen years my least favorite part about the store was that they didn’t even let you try on any of the costumes in the store.  In place of costume bags hanging on display they had a giant wall full of pictures of the costumes they had in back.  You picked one that you liked and the sales clerk would get it for you.  Damned if it didn’t fit because you couldn’t return it once it was opened.

Things are gradually improving and they actually let you try on the costumes now.  To my surprise some of their costumes are pretty cool too. Though the bitter teenage me is screaming on the inside I actually like going shopping there for Halloween costumes and accessories now.  Halloween wasn’t as big of a consumer holiday when I was a kid as it is now so back then Party City didn’t carry very much beyond a lot of orange and black paper plates and some cut out decorations.  Over time they started to get tombstones and other random decorations but there wasn’t much.

Since Halloween parties have gotten bigger and more elaborate, so too has the demand for better quality merchandise.  The competition in retail gets bigger every year and a few years ago they must have realized they either need to go all in or take a step back from Halloween altogether.

Here are some of my favorite costumes and accessories from Party City this year.

Let’s start with the accessories!

This Gothic shrug is made from satin, tulle, and lace.  I have seen shrugs from other stores that aren’t nearly as well executed and for only $17.00 I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this piece with my other Gothic attire.

Buy this shrug here!

It is also available in black and white stripes for those of you looking to add a statement piece to you wardrobe or to connect with your inner Beetlejuice.

Buy this shrug here!

This fun bustle skirt adds dimension and can even be worn with the shrugs seen above!

Buy this bustle skirt here!

This Victorian style jacket is made from satin and lace it’s not a bad buy for only $30.00!

Buy this jacket here!

These black and white striped shoes are eye catchers.  The skulls nestled into the flowers on the toes add a creepy dimension that I think would be fitting for an every day Gothic style.  They’d also pair nicely with that black and white striped shrug seen above.

Buy these shoes here!

This Lizzie Borden costume takes the cake for being my favorite costume from Party City this year.  It looks well made (as well as costumes can be) and seems to be well fitted.  I would definitely try this on before I buy it but it looks great overall.  Though I could do without the crummy styrofoam hat…

Buy this costume here!

That’s all for now creepy peeps!  I will be posting soon about more Halloween stores I haunt around this time of year.



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