Featured Fashion & Decor- Curiology

I’ve been following a well known Gothic jewelry company called Curiology for some time and I finally reached out to one of the owners about writing an article to feature their work.

Their Facebook page is so fun and interactive (here) and they do giveaways once a month.  Although I have yet to win I still get to share the link to a shop I love and possibly win something along the way, Win/Win!

The UK based shop consists of a husband and wife team Elspeth and Liam Johnson, who have been running their small business since 2010.  They even sell their items wholesale for those of you that are interested.

First let’s start off with this cemetery statement piece.  The silhouette stands out and is bowed nicely to frame beneath your neck.

Buy this cemetery necklace here!

If you want earrings to match the cemetery necklace seen above, then these coffin earrings should do.

Buy these coffin earrings here!

We’re on a cemetery roll so let’s keep it going.
One of the things I love about this shop is their ability to experiment and succeed with different styles.  Take this 3 layered necklace for example.  It’s made from different materials in a combination of wood and acrylic to create a layered graveyard landscape.

Buy this layered necklace here!

If you like the layered look then this next necklace has 4 layers of acrylic to create a vampire hunters diorama.

Buy this diorama necklace here!

If you like the design but don’t want it as a necklace they also have it available as a large hanging wall piece.  Great for vampire hunters and Gothic home decor lovers.

Buy this wall art here!

This dearly departed 4 layered necklace is made out of black, clear, and mirror acrylic with paper bat details.

You can buy this necklace here!

It is also available as hanging wall art if you want to have it on a larger scale.

Buy this wall art here!

Cameo necklaces have a special place in most dark hearts.  Add in some classic monsters and you can’t go wrong.  This set of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein dangle earrings are worth having if cameos and monsters are your thing.

Buy these earrings here!

These are by far my favorite necklaces at Curiology.  They are both available in plain black, iridescent, and glitter.

Buy these planchettes here!

I have been coveting this Witching Hour clock planchette for months! Unfortunately it will still be a while before I can order it but it is just too gorgeous to pass up if you’re looking to keep otherworldly time.  The matching Dead Pretty mirror planchette would hang nicely over a vanity to help any coffin cutie get ready in the morning and face the living.

Buy these planchettes here!

This layered witches work room is available as a necklace and will soon have a secondary color option with green over black.

Buy this necklace here!

You can also purchase it as hanging wall art with purple over black.  It looks great in front of a window and reminds me of stained glass!

Buy this window art here!

Curiology will be premiering their 2016 Halloween collection tomorrow so keep and eye out for updates by following them on their social media.  I’m excited to see what comes out next!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CuriologyUK/

Instagram: @_curiology_

Website: http://www.curiology.uk/



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