Featured Fashion- Whisper to the Moon

This Etsy shop has some Gothic charm worth sharing.  They have a selection of fantastic cameo necklaces and earrings that I just had to show off!

The UK based shop owner mentioned that they have been designing and making gothic and mystical jewelry for almost 10 years! That’s a lot of time to hone a craft and everything is at damn good prices I might add.

If you’re interested in the spiderweb cameo featured above, you can buy it here!

This Ouija board cameo comes in white on black as shown below, or black on white.

You can buy this Ouija cameo here!

These dangle planchette earrings would look great with the above Ouija cameo.  They’re also available in bronze.

Buy these dangle earrings here!

I’m crazy about bats so this necklace is perfect for me.  The touch of satin bow at the top gives it a feminine touch.

Buy this bat necklace here!

This isn’t a cameo necklace but it isn’t any less lovely.  I LOVE lace and a lace bat is just perfection to me, so whether or not you live a goth lifestyle or just want to add a fun piece to your wardrobe for the holidays then I highly suggest something this.

Buy this lace bat necklace here!

Bats and vampires go together like ghosts and haunted houses.  So what better to feature next than this vampire teeth cameo.

Buy this vampire teeth cameo here!

If you’re a Beetlejuice lover or just a fan of stripes these dangle earrings are a great statement!

Buy these earrings here!

Anything that says witch is pretty much a hit with me but I love the flow of this necklace design in particular.  The text in this cameo has a spooky appeal but it would just be a text cameo without the dangling pentagram which adds some dimension.

Buy this witch cameo here!

The shop doesn’t have a Facebook page listed but they do have an Instagram page where you can follow them for updates, giveaways, and contests!

Instagram: @whispertothemoon



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