Featured Fashion- Listen Flavor

LISTEN FLAVOR is an apparel brand based in Tokyo, Harajuku, JAPAN and have been operating since 2004.

Their website is available in Japanese here! But for those of you that can’t read Japanese you can always purchase Listen Flavor items in English on these pages here or here!

If you’re into creepy cute or pastel goth fashions then this brand might be right up your ally.

Like many fashion companies in Japan, Listen Flavor prides themselves on their limited designs.  Once the designs are gone you can’t get them anymore or they are very hard to find.  They rely on repeat customers coming back to see what new stuff they have for the next season.  Here are just some of my favorites from their 2016 Halloween collection!

This Rest in Peace sweater is adorably over sized and comes in many different colors such as the red shown below and baby pink, vanilla, and all black.  I know what some of you are thinking and yes, the tulle you see at the bottom is attached!

Buy this coffin dress here!

“When the sky gets dark the cursed black kitten comes to play with you!”  The quote on this sweater is kind of cute.  I certainly wouldn’t mind a cursed black kitten taking an interest in me.

Buy this sweater here!

This sweater also comes in multiple colors such as black, red like the one shown above and my personal favorite—Black and white stripes with purple!


Horrify and Terrify your friends with this shirt!  Okay maybe not…but it’s a fun stripey shirt that you can wear while you’re out with your friends.  It comes in red/black or white/black stripes.

Buy this shirt here!

These cute tights come in many different colors.  Black on black, pink on black and white stripes, purple on black, and white on black as seen below.

612814_12 (1).jpg
Buy these leggings here!

Lastly is this Love Kills shirt which could surely make anyone overdose from cuteness.  It comes in black as shown below or pink!

Buy this shirt here!

You can follow them on their official Facebook page (in English) or twitter! They even have a blog that you can read if you know Japanese.




All images have been taken from the website Rakuten and are copyrighted to Listen Flavor.


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