Featured Fashion-Dulce Calaveritas

I’ve been loving the items on Dulce Calaveritas Etsy shop for a while.  A quick overview of the shop introduces the Californian owner Nancy as she announces her love of Dia De Los Muertos and dark themes.  Her crafts are mostly acrylic jewelry but there is also a small selection of makeup bags, hair clips, and custom wooden coffin boxes.  I thought it would be fun to go over some of my favorites from her shop.

Buy Bat Lady here!  Buy cat lady here!  Buy graveyard here!  Buy witches here!

Crazy cat lady or crazy bat lady you’ll be able to match your style with these large acrylic earrings.  I personally love the Witch pair but that’s because I’m a witch at heart. (Ha!)

Dangle earrings are great because if you have any sensitivities to metals you can easily swap the loop hooks out for ones that you know you can wear.  Personally I can’t wear anything that isn’t titanium or surgical steel so I order my loop hooks from a local jewelry shop.

If hearts aren’t your thing here are some spooky icons that might suit your style better.  The spiders are actually snowflake designs from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Buy spiderweb coffins here!  Buy Spiders here!  Buy pumpkins here!  Buy tombstones here!  Buy Coffins with crosses here!

She also has some adorable hair clips in various designs, from a basic bat wing bow to Jack’s distinct bow from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Buy the top bow here!  Buy the middle bow here!  Buy the NBC bow here!

She has a ton of unique pins too!  This polymer clay pin is a throw back to the film Hocus Pocus and takes the form of the eye from Winifred Sanderson’s spell book.

Buy it here!

She does have other items in her shop besides jewelry.  This Ouija coffin box is a great gift box for any items that you purchase through her shop or if you just think it’s pretty like I do, you can keep it for decoration and store trinkets inside.

Buy it here!

If you like what you see then go check out her shop! and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Instagram too!

Etsy shop here: Dulce Calaveritas

Facebook page: Dulce Calaveritas

Instagram: @dulcecalaveritas


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