Thrift Store Finds!

Working in a thrift store and being an avid lover of Halloween merchandise I pride myself on my ‘spooky sense’, AKA the ability to hunt down cool spooky stuff.  I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that have been added to my collection over the last year.

Everything featured in the photo above came from a thrift store- including the dresser!

I find metal Jack O’ Lanterns at thrift stores all of the time.  I usually find them in the candle or candle holder section of the store.  There are even small ones that match!


I found this beautiful paper mache’ witch figurine and partnered in the same box was a scarecrow figurine (not shown) for just $7.99!  Add a 30% discount and that’s one hell of a deal.


I had to bend her hat quite a bit to make her face visible.  It still needs work but I think it’s good for now.


Sitting underneath the witch figurine is a homemade table runner with tiny witches on it.  It was only $1.99.  The plastc pumpkin and picture frame in this photo are also thrift store finds!


The screaming cat is an old Department 56 mug and it’s hilarious because despite being made out of ceramic, it’s eyes shake around!  This mug has so much character and I got it for $3.00.  The haunted house luminary was originally from Yankee Candle but I got it for $9.99 at my thrift store!


These cuties are originally from Boston Warehouse which sells a lot of cool Halloween themed kitchen items.  I don’t know how much they cost from Boston Warehouse but I only paid $2.99 each for them.  The flat ghost is a spoon rest from Kohl’s Midnight Market collection and it was $1.99

IMG_3776.jpgI was hesitant to buy these at first because I had no idea what I would use them for.  After a couple of hours with them staring at me from the kitchen counter I set out to see what they were good for.  It turned out that they make pretty decent hygeine holders in my bathroom.  The skulls on the front are made from paper and have no laquer to protect from moisture but hankfully my family is not overly messy making it a non-issue.  It’s next on my to-do list!  They were 99 cents each.


Please excuse the dirty mirror, people live in my house.  Pretty much all of the decor in my bathroom is from the thrift store and I find a LOT of soap dispensers.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I just don’t have as many sinks as I think I do and pass on them.  I got a set of 3 of the little witch candles for $2.99.  The cauldron candle topper was $1.99 and the witch soap bar holder was $3.99



Found this spooky ghost trash bin during my orientation for my thrift store position.  I bought it on my way out the door for $1.00 and now it sits in my guest bathroom.


While this small wastebasket with personality sits in my guest bedroom.


I spotted this cookie jar out of the corner of my eye while I was on my break at work.  I nabbed it as fast as I could, and for $6.99 it was a good deal.


A stunning fleece blanket that only cost $3.00.  It was at this moment I remembered how awesome thrift stores are!


I got about six of these spray painted wicker witch hats.  I plan on using them as table decorations at my Halloween party this year.  $1.49 each!


Not necessarily a thrift store find but I do consider anything purchased second hand a thrift deal.  I found this on Craigslist a few days ago and had to have it.  This is a lamp and sits about 10″ tall which is fairly large for a ceramic Halloween lamp.



This is probably my favorite thrift store find.  I have a deep love for the tale of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow.  Full of mystery and emotion I fell in love with this lamp the same way that I fell in love with the book, by happenstance!  I walked into work and it was there staring me down, just like the old Disney cartoon that entranced me and got me to read the book by Washington Irving.  Go read it! It’s an oldie but a goodie.


Plasma globes are the coolest things and this makes a killer centerpiece for parties at night.  It only cost me $6.00!

2015_12This is the remote control holder in my living room. It looks a bit handmade and it’s super cute.


I didn’t even see this at first.  It was in an inconspicuous orange box that I hadn’t even considered looking at twice.  It wasn’t until I noticed that it said “Halloween” on the box that I bothered to open it and what I found inside was this beautiful ceramic and glazed haunted house statue.  I’m in love with the grittiness of the paint and carving.


Both items were found on the same day.  The spider bowl was originally from TJ Maxx but I got it for $4.99 and the three wooden boards next to it were $1.99 each.  They looked like ouija planchettes and now I use them as snack trays at home.


This massive electric Jack O’ Lantern is used as a night light sometimes in my guest bedroom.  Featured along side it is my old roommates cat- Bea!


I’m not usually into collecting Sugar Skulls but the bright and fun ones are hard to pass up.  These two are cute but HEAVY so that made them more appealing to me.

thrift 7

La La Loopsy made some limited edition Halloween dolls that I never knew about because I don’t watch the show or collect the toys, but when I came across this doll at work I fell in love with it.  Sometimes I can’t help but buy unnecessary items like this.  Plus I keep telling myself that stuff like this will be useful one day if I decide to have kids.  That makes it okay right?


I was about to leave work for the day when I spotted this awesome canvas.  It’s hanging up in my guest bedroom now!

I have a lot more stuff than what I’ve shown here but there’s far too much to take photos of everything.  As I get more stuff and take more pictures I plan to make other thrift store posts, so keep checking back!


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