When I first started purchasing Halloween merchandise for every day use I was less selective than I am now which has left me with a lot of cool but weird items.  Some items are old and need replacing like many kitchen items do, but the agony of having a specific theme in mind is that you may not be able to replace what’s broken or worn.  A lot of times I’ll find kitchen items at thrift stores and I may not be able to get two, but I try looking it up online if I feel like I definitely want a second one.

For example, I found the zombie chef statue that is featured in my top photo at a local Goodwill thrift store.  Since the maker mark is on the bottom it’s easy for me to locate what company sold it and log onto their website.  However like with this zombie model, they may no longer be making them and I’ll have to dig into auction sites like Ebay to find another one.  Or like the Cooking Witch pitcher in the top photo there may not be any makers mark at all and you’ll just have to search online by description of the item.  Not that I need two of either of these items but if they break then you may be out of luck!

When out shopping at a chain store I try and budget for buying two of the same item if I know it’s going to get a lot of use.

If you’re interested in getting every day Halloween items might I suggest a few?

Cooking utensils: Spatulas and spoons


The pumpkin spatula was found at a thrift store but the two Trick or Treat rubber spatulas were found at Cub Foods grocery store!  I’m going back this year to see if they have any new cookware.  Also the store Tuesday Morning sells some cool Halloween themed kitchen accessories.

Spoon rests and sauce cups


All of these were found at thrift stores, but the ghost was originally from the Kohl’s Halloween collection called Midnight Market.

Kitchen storage: Cookie jars and tupperware


Pyrex has new Halloween themed tupperware every year in usually two or three designs.  I found these at Target but if you don’t have a Target close by you can check out the Pyrex website.



Found at TJ Maxx Home Goods.  They had multiple designs so look carefully!

Floor mats


I found this at a thrift store last year and I wish I could find another one like this in a different design.  I love the material its made out of but it’s hard to clean by hand.

Large bowl for snacks & Salt/Pepper shakers


The large bowl was from a Target collection in 2007.  Salt and Pepper shakers were purchased at a local kitchen supply shop but you can find them everywhere online.  I use big bowls for various things.  Even candy bowls for trick or treaters can be used afterward for every day things if they look nice and aren’t made from cheap plastic.  I use my ceramic cauldron as a popcorn bowl.

Cooling rack

IMG_3861 (1)

Plates, Bowls, & Cups


The witchy appetizer plates are from TJ Maxx Home Goods.  The brain cookie jar was purchased at Target in 2015. The spiderweb bowl and bat plate were both bought at a local kitchen supply shop.



I find Halloween mugs ALL THE TIME.  Ugh.  Seriously, I have so many that it’s become a bit of a space issue in my cupboards.  This mug was given to me as a gift and now he’s my favorite tea holder!


These were originally from Target in their 2006 collection.  The ghost mug was a gift from a friend and the two pumpkin ones I found at my thrift store.


The Trick or Treat mug on the left was also a gift and the others were found at thrift stores.


I love cauldron mugs!  They’re charming and can hold a lot of liquid!  The one on the right is actually a cake mug from Target.  They packaged it with cake mix that you could microwave but got to keep this cool mug after!


These ghost tumblers are TAG brand.  I’ve only ever seen this brand at kitchen supply shops as it’s a dinnerware and home decor company.  I found a set of 4 of these cups unopened at a thrift store!

You can take the lid off of a cookie jar like the silver skull in my featured photo and use it to hold your kitchen utensils

Just use your imagination to help make your kitchen fun and spooky!

I like to use cookie cutters to make breakfast more interesting.  If you get some metal cookie cutters you could use them as molds to crack eggs in on the frying pan.