I have a lot of Halloween stuff.  I collect throughout the year regardless of season and somehow when Autumn rolls around I always have space for more stuff.  This has led to a mass collection of home decor that I love.  My guest bedroom is where I keep most of my decorations and I joke around with my fianceee that I bought a bed for the room just so I could get more Halloween pillows.  I’m only half joking of course.

I apologize in advance for all the cat hair you will see in my photos on the bedsheets.  My cat sheds and I rarely have guests over.


I call this my marshmallow bat.  I believe he was a Target exclusive several years ago.  I hope they bring back similar outlined pillows in the future because I would love a ghost pillow like this.  He is made out of a soft fleece and his features are embroidered.


I happened across these two pillows while I was at a garage sale and they are my absolute favorite pillows in the house.  Each pillow has one large print on it but they were made in such a way that they look quilted.  Even the bats have been pressed into the fabric just slightly to give the illusion of actual stitching.


This pumpkin is plump, fun to look at, and surprisingly comfortable to lay on!  I love its silly smile and quilted appearance, though the facial features are graphics with embroidered stitching around the borders.  The stem is actually made out of corduroy fabric and is my favorite aspect of this pillow.  I found him at my thrift store!


This guy is HUGE.  I can’t even lay my head on him because he’s too tall.  He makes a good arm rest when I’m sitting on the bed though.  I found him at a local thrift store and he had a Sara Lee tag on it.  To the best of my knowledge Sara Lee is a company that makes frozen pies and apparently this was a limited edition pillow sold by the company.


I bought these two pillows at Target two years ago.  I like the antique look of the skull on this pillow so I also bought a bath rug with the same skeleton face on it.  The skull one is a two toned pillow with gray on the front (white border) and black on the back (no border).  The three pumpkin pillows is more of a lumbar pillow as it’s more rectangular and squat.  Anything you see on these pillows that is black is actually made from a soft velvet material.  Athough normally I can’t stand velvet I made an exception because they were too cute to pass up.


This lumbar pillow was an accidental find.  I noticed it sitting in a pile of other bedding that was on its way out to being recycled so I picked it up and use it all the time.


My old roommate told her mom that I love Halloween.  I got home from work one day to a package with a couple of Halloween pillowcases in it.  Apparently I inspired her mom her mom to make me something with Halloween fabric.  There is a second pillow case but I couldn’t find it at the time this photo was taken.  The fabric design is by Maude Asbury in her Halloween collection.  I especially love her design “Witches Brew”


I found this pillow case at a thrift store.  It was originally sold at Target in 2011 and I just love the expression on the far left pumpkin.


My kitty just loves this blanket made from fleece and it’s her favorite place to sleep!


You’ve seen this design before in my other posts I’m sure.  This blanket is also made from fleece and was bought at Target in 2015 for $10.00.  It’s incredibly comfortable and has remained soft even though it gets a lot of use.


Along side the ghost blanket I purchased a pumpkin blanket for the same price.  I hope that Target brings out different designs this year because I want to pack my house up with these soft cuties~