I’m prepping my house for my favorite Holiday of the year.  It’s still July you say?  I’m a huge proponent of decorating for Holidays early.  In fact who says you can’t have decorations up all year round?  Pishaw!  If Christmas is your thing then keep your lights up.  If Valentine’s day has your heart then keep those paper hearts coming.  My favorite Holiday happens to involve bats and skeletons.  Some days I’m feeling more spooky than others and today I was in the mood to decorate!

When you first walk into my house there is a giant bookcase.  It’s one of the first things you see when you walk in and I wanted it to look special.


A few days ago I went to TJ Maxx Home Goods and found a glass skull (left) and thought it was a great match to the glass head I already had at home (right).  They had the skull in multiple shades of blue including turquoise and indigo but this was the only clear one they still had in stock.  So I set them out with a couple of my apothecary jars around along with my home made bloody candles.


I live in a two bedroom apartment.  Most of the house has spatterings of geek memoribilia and Halloween stuff but the bulk of it has been designated to the guest bedroom.  That’s my room and my shrine to Halloween in a way.  The shared room between my fiancee and I has been designated as his room and he is able to decorate it how he sees fit.  He mostly doesn’t care about decorating and instead I’m left asking “is this okay?” while shuffling around a bunch of knick knacks on our dressers. Recently I asked him if I could move some of my Halloween stuff into the bedroom for the season and I was super excited when he gave me the green light.

IMG_3732 (1)

I bought this little bench with a hideous fabric cover on it for about $5.00 and chose to cover it with my Halloween blanket.  Paired with my Gloomy Bear and skeleton pillow I’d say it looks rather nice, wouldn’t you?

The BOO wording was a piece I found at my thrift store randomly and I thought it would be a nice addition.


The spell book cookie jar is from World Market, the black cat is from Target two years ago, and everything else was found at a thrift store.  I especially love my heavy orange skull candle holder.    One day I’ll find something cool enough that fits in the black base it’s sitting on but for now they look good together.


Top shelf-  Left cubby: Two black and gold books (Lewis Carroll and Jane Austen) next to a tiny TY beanie baby Jack O’ Lantern Octopus, middle cubby: Metal Jack O’ Lantern on a matching metal stand, Right cubby: Skull from Michael’s 2016 Halloween collection.

Middle shelf- Small ornate plastic mirror with a separate ring holder hand that I found at my thrift store.  Next to it on the right is a set of 3 black metal Jack O’ Lanterns that match the larger one on the top shelf.

Bottom shelf- Three glass pumpkin jars found at various thrift stores.

I’m not sure if this is how I’ll keep it or if I’ll change it around.  I was just in a spooky mood and wanted to share it with you all.

🎃 Happy Hauntings! 👻