I admit over the years I’ve become a bit of a jewelry hoarder.  Much like Smaug with gold I don’t let go of what I have and I have way more than I need.  There’s so much of it in fact that it can take upwards of 20 minutes sometimes for me to find the right pieces to wear.

My tastes in jewelry have gone up and down a lot.  I actually like jewelry and fashion now compared to when I was younger when I couldn’t stand wearing anything that required thought before putting it on.

I find cool antique stuff at my thrift store all the time and I admit that restraint is a burgeoning characteristic that I sorely need.  If I had everything I wanted I’d probably need a separate house.  Luckily my fiancee has given me full reign of the guest bedroom and it’s basically my personal wardrobe.

Halloween themed jewelry can be very kitschy.  Now there’s a time and a place for kitsch and I do like some of it.  If you are into Halloween as much as I am then you’ll know that kitsch doesn’t always go hand in hand with good quality.  Most of the holiday themed jewelry that I own has been purchased at thrift stores, specialty Halloween stores, or during the Halloween season and most of it either looks cheap or feels cheaply made.


My home state Minnesota has two main pop up stores during the Halloween season called Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween.  I bought this necklace at Halloween Express for $5 and I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did.  I made it a whole year with this necklace before one of the bows fell off and it was totally my fault too.  I accidentally placed something heavy on it and all that’s needed is to glue it back on, but I will still be going back this year to buy another one in case something more unfortunate happens to it…

For those of you without a Halloween Express store nearby you can buy it online here


You saw this necklace on the featured photo above but I wanted to post it again because that’s how much I love it.  I got this as a Christmas gift from my mom and the small amount of ornate metal holding the coffins is bronze.  Even though I love it there are two things that bother me about it.  I’ve noticed is that no matter how tight I make the clasp in the back the necklace will sometimes move around and end up looking crooked.  Just be mindful while you’re out if you decide to wear it.  Also be careful of the lace designs on the bottom because they’ll curl up if you’re wearing a shirt with a collar. You can find this choker here


I have been the designated jeweler for my thrift store for the last couple of weeks.  It’s my job to dig through all of the donated jewelry, price it, and place it in the showcase.  When I pulled this out I was open mouthed the entire time and giggling to myself.  I wore this once and was annoyed by it because the bones would not stay flat and would constantly flip over.  I have a fairly large chest too which didn’t help it to stay flat at all.  It’s a beautiful piece that you can easily make a themed outfit around.


I love making themed outfits and having matching jewelry that lends to the theme is even better.  This necklace combo makes me think of vampires.  I found these fangs on Polyvore which is an online secondhand purchasing app much like ebay without the auction process.  This bat necklace was part of the Forever 21 bats & cats collection from two years ago and I happened to get it in stores while it was on sale the following Spring.  Unfortunately it’s no longer available…


If you can’t bring your owl familiar with to your next soiree this witchy necklace is a pretty good alternative.  The chain is so long that I had to double it up in the back so it would fit on the showcase.  I would say it’s about 24″ long and the chain links are very thick.  It makes a great statement piece!

I had to put these in a gallery because the images were too long to post individually.  Even though this looks like one bulk layered necklace its actually two!  I found the long pearl and gold necklace with the peach flowers at my work and the skull with the flower on its head was found a day later at a different thrift store.  I was so excited to find it because I knew they would match up perfectly.  I have to be careful when wearing it though because the flowers like to flip over, so if I’m taking photos with friends I have to remember to rearrange them.


I got this beauty as a holiday gift last year and was created by Disturbia’s sister jewelry line “House of Wolves” (above)  It’s got a decent amount of weight to it and is available in bronze or silver.   I have yet to find a silver one though.



Kiki was really adamant about helping me take photos this morning so I let her be the chief manager in charge of the lens cap. Working hard Kiki, keep it up!