Spooky Accessories- Purses!

I’m adult enough to admit that I spend unhealthy amounts of time sifting through Pinterest (including various website links by proxy) just so I can add them to my wish lists! If you’d like to take a look at some of the cool stuff I’ve found on Pinterest because I’ve already done the looking for you, here’s a link!

Purses are probably my least favorite accessory but that’s because I don’t like to carry them around. I know how important they can be for an outfit though so I’m very picky with which ones I get.  Here are some of my favorite purses and bags that I hope will inspire you!


Forever 21 released a collection in 2015 called Bats & Cats. I hope one day they bring it back since I didn’t really get to experience it first hand in stores. I found out about the collection online after everything had already been discontinued. I managed to track down the cross body purse (above) and the backpack (below).


The clasp that holds the front flap to the bag and studs have been replaced with gold bats. I had luck finding these two items on thrift apps like Polyvore and DePop. Check them out if you like searching online for secondhand and discontinued items!

My only complaint about these bags is that after two years of use, the gold plated bats and the faux leather material have finally started to wear out.


I bought this cute little wine red zombie bag on a site called Yesstyle but the designer is Agatha Garcia. I’ve had it for over 2 years and nothing has broken off or become unusable. When I went back to look for it on the website unfortunately the link didn’t work. Amazon also used to sell it but I could not find it when I did a search for it. Best of luck!


Loungefly has some pretty cool purses and wallets.  Most of the ones I’ve seen have skulls on them which if I’m honest, I don’t really care for the aesthetic of Gothic skulls much.  If I find one that strikes a chord with me like this bag, I’ll pick it up but I happened to find this bag at my thrift store and debated for a few days on whether or not I actually wanted it.



This bag is so fun and whimsical!  I love it.  I found it while I was loitering in the purse aisle at a thrift store. I didn’t see it at first but now I wonder how I missed with how vibrant and colorful it is.


The bag has colorful glitter on it but thankfully there’s a coating on the top that prevents it from flaking off.  Since the purse is fairly deep I like to use it when I need a little extra wiggle room in my purse. There is no brand name on it so I’m sorry ghouls and boils, I have no way of tracking it down for you.


I use this MASSIVE bag for overnight stays/


It was sitting at Goodwill and I passed it up at first because I didn’t think I cared for the lace and floral design in the background all that much. A few days later it was still sitting there when I went back and I fell in love with it.  I guess I was just in a different mood or something.  This bag is also by Loungefly.


I wasn’t able to get a super detailed shot of this purse but it was purchased as a birthday gift to myself from Hottopic.  They’ve been teaming up with some brands that I like lately and this bag was made by Iron Fist x Ash Costello. It’s called “Bat Royalty coffin handbag” if you’re interested in looking for it.


Be careful where you store it because the inside material to form it’s coffin shape is not very durable.  I set something on top of it in my car and now it is bent inward.

That’s all I got creepy peeps!  I hope you enjoyed checking out my purse collection.  I seriously recommend taking a look at my pinterest board “Halloween Fashion” linked above.  I’ve found some fantastic looking bags online that are featured there.


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