Mori & Dark Mori

Mori means “forest” in Japanese.  This fashion uses soft, loosely fitting layers of clothing such as flowy dresses and cardigans in earthy natural colors and vintage inspired motifs.  Giving your outfit texture and depth through layering is very imporant!  Flower, animal, and crystal accessories are prominent in this fashion but very delicate in feature.


I asked my friend Denise to come over and have an impromptu photo shoot wearing both Mori and Dark Mori outfits so I can showcase the differences.  We had a lot of fun collaborating and mixing up multiple layers.


Lace is a wonderful way to show off delicate features.  While they aren’t earth tones the layers are comfortable and inviting.  When worn over the shoulder like a shawl her matching scarf lends a traveled look and gives the outfit depth.  Denise is wearing one long lace skirt to the floor, a base tank top with chiffon ruffles and lace, and a lace renaissance style shirt above the base tank top.  By combining four simple pieces of clothing she brings together a fairytale look.


I went for more earth tones in my garment choices.  It reminds me a little of a peasant girl and I feel like I should be holding a woven basket picking berries in the forest.


I chose a simple ruffled quarter sleeve blouse and layered this unique gray-green asymmetrical vest over a long white skirt with blue flower print.  Paired with an ornate gold stag necklace found on Amazon, I really fell in love with this comfortable look.

If Mori means forest then Dark Mori must mean “dark forest”.  It applies the same application of layered garments and accessories but instead takes on a darker tone, using shades of black and gray as the color scheme.  Cute animals and flowers are replaced with dark flowers, bugs, and not so typical forest animals like bats.


I’ve become more attracted to this aesthetic as I get older and more involved in my Halloween hobby.  I opted to use my Gloomy bear as a prop for this shoot because he is cuddly and cute but also covered in the blood of people too stupid to know you shouldn’t feed a wild bear.  In this case the blood is gold since he is a limited edition version, but he’s still super scary I promise!


My attempts at Mori have been fun and interesting.  I enjoy mixing and matching all of the layers in my closet.  I feel validated having a lot of clothing in my closet now because I get to use a lot of pieces in just one outfit!


I love ruffles and layering with ruffles is easy once you get the hang of it.  For this outfit I paired up two different skirts each with different lengths and textures.  The bottom layer skirt is just a plain black one made from a semi stretchy material like polyester and it extended to the floor.  The top layer skirt is unique knit skirt that I picked up at a thrift store.  At first its fabric may not seem like a good fit for layering but the lace on its trim really pulled everything together, especially because the long undershirt on top had a similar lace pattern.

I used a long sleeved shirt with lace on the sleeves as my base top, above that layer I put on a tank top that had ruffles just at the bottom, and over that tank top I put a chiffon ruffled vest.  That’s right, 3 shirts to pull off this seemingly simple look.  The reality is that without that ruffle bottom tank top between the vest and the lace sleeved shirt, my waist would not have the dimension that it does in these photos.


Denise brought a couple pieces from her own collection to wear and I just love her lace cardigan!  Dark Mori was a bit of a departure from her regular dress up style and being more aquatic by nature, she added her own flair by wearing a gothic looking seahorse necklace.


She is wearing two tank tops under her lace cardigan.  The bottom layer is a tank top with a long lace hem.  The top layer tank top is more decorative with lace all around, making it more visually pleasing as a top layer.


She paired the tops with a ruffle tier skirt and some ankle boots which pulled it all together!


I really love the aesthetic of witchy ankle boots.  Can you tell?  I own a lot of pairs…


At the end of the night my cat Kiki decided to join in on the photo fun!

I’m personally more inclined to wear black but I’ve begun collecting some earthy toned pieces for when I’m feeling more free spirited.  Mori and Dark Mori styles can be androgynous, masculine, or feminine but one thing I know is that it will definitely make getting dressed a lot more fun.


If you’re interested in seeing more of Mori and Dark Mori outfits here are some Tumblr blogs that I follow:

You can also check out my Pinterest gallery where I pin garment pieces that I love.  A lot of them fit into Mori and Dark Mori styles so I recommend checking them out if you’re looking for some cool pieces to add to your own collection.



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