I recently attended a sci-fi and fantasy convention called Convergence in Minnestoa.  I’ve been attending regularly for the past several years and I’m always blown away by the vendors in their dealer’s room.  There are lots of jewelry and leather work vendors there with everything you could need for your upcoming renaissance festival or cosplay.  Two stores in particular caught my attention so I wanted to showcase the pieces I felt I loved the most.  First up is:

“The Blonde Swan”

A millinery selling what I can only describe as the finest hats I’ve had the pleasure of wearing sells various types of witch hats.  “Broomriders” being my particular favorite style are available in their store here or here.

For the convention the vendor made special hats just for the occassion.  One of those hats happened to be covered in swarovski crystals and little leather bats.  My spooky heart was captured with delight.  I will definitely be custom ordering one of these before Halloween!

Also available are La Sociere hats inspired by the Beauxbaton Academy from Harry Potter, seen in the film Goblet of Fire on Fleur  Delacour’s arrival to Hogwarts.  They have light blue ones available if you’re looking to cosplay the lovely Fleur herself.


Another vendor that I spent a lot of time oohing and ahhing over is:

“Angelwear Creations”

The owner of the booth was incredibly sweet and had tons of items available for viewing and customizing.  I fell in love with this sterling silver pentagram ring.  The crystal quartz in the center magnifies the silver pentagram beneath it to give it a unique look.  For $50 it’s a great price!  Even though it isn’t available on her Etsy page here you can send her a message directly and tell her that you spotted it on my blog and want one too!


Some of the other beauties she had available were large ornate necklaces.  Lots of wolves, aliens, ravens, and bats galore!  One of her bat necklaces, the fifth one down from the top, was available in two stone types but neither one really caught my fancy.  The one seen below was made with Garnets and the other one not shown was made with Moonstones.

I chose to put in a custom request for the necklace to be made with star diopside, seen below.  Although it was hard to choose between the moonstone and the diopside I felt that the star diopside was more fitting with my style.


A really cool necklace that would be fun to get in the future is her crescent moon necklace.  It’s beautiful and if I were to order it I would probably get a custom one with moonstone or rainbow moonstone.  The one pictured below is made with star diopside.


I hope you enjoyed these pieces as much as I did.  They might be expensive but worth it for their hand crafted appeal.  If there’s one thing I love more than finding a great piece to add to my wardrobe, it’s helping out small businesses!


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