Two years ago I asked my grandfather to make me some bookcases. He seemed excited to work on a project for me and I said I would pay for the expenses, so why not? Then I told him that I wanted coffin shaped bookcases..He thought it was weird but he still loves me so that’s exactly what I got!

I should mention that my grandfather lives two and a half hours away so the project and all subsequent touch ups had to be discussed over text messages and emails.

I bought a set of three nesting tables from Craigslist just before I went to visit my grandfather and pick up the bookcases.  The nesting tables were originally designed to look like gardening books.  They weren’t really my style so I decided to sand and paint them to match the bookshelves.  My favorite part about them is the volumes on the side painted in gold.

My grandpa and I decided to make a weekend out of projects so I brought along a coffee table that needed some restoration.  The table top and legs were originally gray but I wanted a darker look so I painted it straight black and white.  Though this was probably the most painstaking project of them all.  Even though it was the same black paint that I used on everything else, for some reason it was just not sticking to this table well.

Another project I decided to take on after I got back home was this mirror I found at a thrift store, but it is originally from Ikea.  I happened to get a bag of plastic halloween beads from a garage sale for free and they included some tiny black bats, so I super glued them all around the frame.  It was a quick and easy DIY project that turned out AWESOME.  I have to be careful cleaning it though because the bats are very small and dust gets in all the little nooks!

I don’t have a ton of time after work to take on large projects like the tables but finding time for small projects like the mirror can be rewarding and add a lot to your space.  I highly recommend it!