Almost every store in America has hopped on the Halloween merchandise bandwagon.  It’s become a very commercialized holiday and stores start filling up with spooky goodies roughly around mid-July only to disappear almost instantly during the first week of November.

Target is a retail chain offering home goods, clothing, electronics & more.  It’s considered a ‘Big-Box store’ aka supercenter or superstore and they have been expanding on their Halloween merchandise section for years.

2014 was nuts!  I know that I shouldn’t expect there to be a lot of merchandise left after a holiday but just two days after Halloween was over and there was barely anything left.  If it was Christmas we were talking about they’d still have half of their stock available.  Target has been expanding on their Halloween section since the holiday has snowballed in popularity in recent years.

I still spent roughly $60.00 on clearanced Halloween goodies…but that’s beside the point!

I got lucky and was able to come across some cool stuff:

  • Skull w/ tophat decorative pillow
  • 3 Little pumpkins decorative pillow
  • Skeleton apron that says “Need a hand?” Get it? Hahaha….ha.
  • Black see-through curtains with little black velvet bats
  • Bronze wine stoppers (Bat & Pumpkin)
  • Halloween socks from the dollar section